The Stax Diner Challenge 1

The Stax Diner Challenge.


This challenge involves taking on:

  • A 5 patty burger with a cheese of your choice
  • A basket of Cajun fries
  • A super-sized milkshake

It costs £25 and you do not get the meal for free when you beat. Fastest time of the month gets dinner for 2 and a T-shirt, as well as the chance to compete in next year’s eat off between all winners to win Stax vouchers to use throughout the year.


I came to do this challenge on the last day of the month so I would know what time I had to beat. The place was busy on a weekend, but after a short wait, my order was in. Stilton sounded like a good idea on a burger, but I think some of the non-cheese loving diners did not appreciate my choice of topping.


My approach was nothing new. Take the burger apart and each patty separately. Then once there was one left put it back together and eat it as a regular burger. It went down pretty quick. As much as the Stilton was pungent, it was equally as delicious. No regrets on my part. The fries were seasoned generously with Cajun spice that I really enjoyed. Usually I find fries quite boring but the seasoning really mixed things up. Now, what I really underestimated was the milkshake. As I worked away at the whipped cream on top it dawned on me just how big their ‘super-sized’ milkshake was. When I finally hit the ice cream part I realised that when they described it as ‘thick’ they weren’t kidding. It was essentially semi-liquid ice cream, probably a whole pint of it. Still, it was easy to get down. All in all, it took 8.21 to complete which secured the top spot for the month. Glad to win that dinner for two, although after such a filling meal might be a while before I want burgers and milkshakes again.


If you want to have a go, check it out:

1st Floor
1.7 Kingly Court –Carnaby



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  1. Reply TheRealFoodSavage Aug 29,2017 12:52 pm

    I did this challenge recently very tastey I wish I could of enjoyed it a bit more

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