Smoky Boys 120oz Burger 5

Well, it seems I have finally met my match and failed my first challenge.


Going into this, I was as prepped as I had ever been, doing max outs in the week before. Fairly confident I did not expect to face the behemoth before me:

120oz beef patty (yes, just the patty is 3.5kg)

Cobb bun


Vegetables (Salad, tomatoes, onions)


You have 40 minutes to complete. If you win, you get the meal free, £250, a T-shirt, and eternal glory. If you lose, you pay £75.


I started as usual with the patty to get the protein over with whilst it was hot. I ate from the middle and saved the crusty outsides of the patty for later as they had already cooled. It was alright progress. The meat was both juicy yet somewhat dry at the same time, if that makes sense. I could see the juice coming out, but still had to swig water to get it down fast. Still, with a patty that big, it would be expected. Even using vegetables to speed the process it wasn’t an ideal pace. In my mind I thought if I could clear the patty in 20 minutes, I would be fine. It was going well for the first 14 or so, but the sheer quantity and flavour fatigue begun to sink in at that point. By 20 minutes I had cleared most of the patty, with only the outsides left. The heaviness of the patty though was taking its toll. I was chewing more and more, my body growing ever more reluctant to get it down.


I decided to leave the outsides for later and have a go at the bun. Looking at the burger at the start I thought it would be a tough one, but actually beginning the bun made me realise that this was a doomed effort. It was dense, heavy, and the crust extremely chewy. I found myself having to use water heavily to get it down, using up precious capacity. I kept at it, just for the sake of at least finishing the top bun. At some point I stood up in an attempt to salvage stomach capacity. A few internal burps helped speed things up as I felt the patty settle like a game of Tetris, but that was not enough.


36 mins I just called it quits. The flavour fatigue was too much. The patty was not going down in my gut. I was tired of chewing bread, and I knew any more would just be unnecessary pain on my end. As it stands, this challenge is the toughest in London from what I have seen. The capacity element is difficult enough, but with a 40 minute time limit on a 4.8kg (10.5lb) challenge, it is near impossible in its current form. Maybe with a different bun, since the current one can be a challenge in itself, it would be doable, albeit extremely difficult.


Nonetheless, the guys at Smoky Boys were good fun and encouraged me to keep going, and the people watching and walking past sure got their kicks from the shock factor of that beast. I don’t think I will be re-attempting this in the future in the current form.


The only things I can imagine doing differently is standing from the start, heading in to this with carbonated drinks to help burp up air pockets and help break down the carbohydrates with the acidity, and soaking the buns from the start and using them instead of using up capacity with just liquid on its own. Risky, but at the current state of this challenge, I just can’t think of anything else as the normal: Protein>Veg>Carbs approach is a tough order.


Seriously, if anyone beats this, let me know, ultimate respect to you. If you are feeling heroic though, you can have a crack at it here:

Smoky Boys

274A St Albans Rd,


WD24 6PE

01923 252968


5 thoughts on “Smoky Boys 120oz Burger

  1. Reply Ben Sep 18,2017 9:36 am

    How much did you end up eating?

    I think 10.5lb is beyond almost everyone’s capacity. Randy Santel failed that one first try and that was “only” 7lbs. He did it second time though but if it was 10.5lbs it would be too much.

    I think 2 good eaters would struggle with that burger, I think it’d be a reasonable challenge for 3 people. 3.5lb a person is still a lot but doable.

  2. Reply Andrey Oct 8,2017 12:38 pm

    Hey Ben, I had the bun and some of the patty crust left, probably 1kg in total.

    With all the liquid I needed up to that point I was probably at 11lb when I threw in the towel. I would need just as much liquid to get that bun down. 15lb capacity, especially in that time is beyond me.

    I mean, you can try do it without water to save capacity, but good luck getting it down fast then.

    This one put me out of challenges for a while… so sorry for the late response 😛

  3. Reply eremitus Nov 4,2017 8:39 pm

    In US portion sizes are much bigger and a challenge can be eat 1-1,5 kg food get it free+reward. Here in London, tiny portions usually in restaurants and then challenges are eat 7 kg food in 20 min. Silly and impossible. Porkys recent challenge is the worst as that amount of food would usually cost there 15-20 GBP instead of 33 GBP+12,5 % for some average looking women serving you.

  4. Reply Desmond Mar 14,2018 3:45 am

    is this challenge still going and has anyone beaten it yet? im thinking of doing this i do love a challenge i think the hardest part by the looks of it is the time limit thats alot of food for 40 mins and of course flavour fatique as well but it would be great to give it a shot if its still going if i may ask is dunking the bun in water aloud? thought i’d ask as some challenges its not aloud either way im definatley interested in taking on that beast =)

    • Reply Andrey Mar 19,2018 6:40 pm

      Not sure on whether they still do it, couldn’t find any mentions on their website. As far as beating it, haven’t heard of anyone having managed it.

      Worth giving them a call to ask.

      You can water the bun and do whatever you like. If it’s as dense as last time…it will take a lot of water.

      The quantity is quite obscene for the time limit as far as restaurant challenges go.

      Have you done many other challenges?

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