Pancake Day 2018!

Pancake Day at the Lock-Tavern


As Pancake Day rolled around this year, I had no intention of repeating last year’s efforts, but I did want to join in on the fun. I found out about this competition last minute from my trusty source,


Lock Tavern were set to have their first ever pancake eating challenge. Entry was £5, £100 bar tab was on the line. Start at 8pm. That was all the information I had to go by. Still, it seemed the best choice from what I’d known about, since I had already done the other options last year. Plus, it’s nice to get another competition under the belt.


So, on a cold, rainy night, I turned up to the venue, hungry and determined to get my pancake fix. Upon asking the rules, it was simple: most pancakes eaten in 100 seconds… this seemed to me a very short time, so after a brief chat, it was bumped up to 3 minutes (sorry to everyone else…but getting a yearly pancake dose in 100 seconds is a tall feat).


Not long after I arrived, the pancakes started coming out:


The pancakes themselves were actually rather good. The fact they were thin made eating them at speed easy. They were kept simple with just sugar and lemon juice as the toppings. This was a nice contrast to last year’s cream filled frenzy.


Technique wise, I started off with my hands. Since they were thin, they were very easy to get down compared to the thicker US style that tend to require more liquid to get down. Overall though, nothing special, just quick bites and sips of water to get them down. Halfway through I switched over to a fork and knife to just coast along to the end since by that point I was clear of the others.


Going to keep a look out if they hold any more events. This year was a small show, but I reckon there is potential here and hope this event happens next year and with more participants. Even if it’s just to get a go at some more of those tasty pancakes. The pub itself is quite cosy and has a beer garden to enjoy during warmer months. You can find it at:

35 Chalk Farm Road,

NW1 8AJ,


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