Dark Souls Wings Challenge 6

What a month.


This was a tough challenge.


Speed and spice were the name of the game with this challenge. It was about who could get through 20 wings covered in Meat Liquor’s homemade habanero sauce. Top time at each of their locations won a PS4 as well as a collector’s edition of Dark Souls 3, all finishers also got a T-shirt. I guess Bandai Namco wanted to give players a taste of pain before they even played DS3.
I am not a fan of spicy food, so I do not know what I was thinking doing this. Maybe my inner glutton for punishment was coming out, but more likely, it was just the gamer in me. Whatever I was thinking at the start, by the end I was not even thinking, just powering through wing after wing.


The amount of food itself was not a challenge. The spice was manageable too, I expected worse going in, although for the rest of the day I had a burning sensation around my mouth.  During my first attempt, the worst part of the challenge was nearly choking after somehow managing to get the sauce in my eye. Now that was an unpleasant experience. However, the desire to finally own a PS4 pushed me to the end to set the fastest time at that venue. Still, this was two weeks in, two weeks remained to see if that spot would remain.


Unfortunately, it did not; as the deadline approached, wing lovers around the country stepped up their game and started posting some impressive times. It was not long before my time was beaten. Still, I was determined to win, so I mentally prepared to return to face the heat again.


Spice aside, the thing that makes it difficult to eat wings fast is unsurprisingly the bones. No matter how much I wanted that PS4, it would be game over for me if I choked on one of them. So, I was off to YouTube to learn the tips and tricks to getting through these fast.


Doing my next attempts, I saw just how important technique was. For flats I went with the ‘wishbone’ technique, where you pull it apart whilst cleaning the meat in one go. For the drums, I just ate it like ‘corn on a cob’, except fast, two bites at most. Luckily the wings weren’t very big so it was manageable. As always, there was water at hand to help get everything down faster. As the top times got faster and faster, it left little room for error. Didn’t clean your wing on the first approach? Valuable seconds lost. This is why this challenge was so tough, little room for error and many determined souls to get their hands on their own PS4.


Overall, this challenge was good fun. The competitive nature of it was a unique experience for me.  Whilst it seems like a crazy endeavour and many of the posts I saw showed people in agony, I actually quite enjoyed those fiery little things. Meat Liquor’s homemade habanero sauce had a nice kick and flavour; it was not just hot for the sake of being hot.


Thank you to Bandai Namco and Meat Liquor for having this challenge.


Special thanks to all the awesome people during my visits, you made this painful experience a ton of fun. Sorry to all the people near me when doing these challenges, I know my table manners weren’t exactly commendable, but when you are trying to make 20 wings disappear in under a minute, its hard to look civilised.


Even though it is now over, still check out Meat Liquor (multiple locations). Besides good vibes they also have the Triple Chilli Challenge that I have my eye on (hopefully chilli does not get this one as well).


Done any spicy challenges or have any crazy/funny turn of events happen during a meal, let me know in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Dark Souls Wings Challenge

  1. Reply Ben May 2,2016 10:01 am

    So what position did you come in the end?

  2. Reply Andrey May 2,2016 9:45 pm

    Just managed to sneak in to the top on the last day, it was close since there were some impressive times out there.

  3. Reply Ben May 3,2016 1:24 pm

    Well done. What was the time out of interest? Are we talking like you had to eat like furious pete?

  4. Reply Andrey May 3,2016 10:01 pm

    Haha, don’t think I was quite to his level of fast, but I did have to go furious style on the wings. Gave some of his videos a watch to try pick up some pointers on how to do it faster. My time was 53 seconds.

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