Worlds hottest pizza

This is a user submitted challenge, thanks Terry.

A restaurant and takeaway in Sleaford, Lincolnshire has created the allegedly worlds Hottest Pizza called ‘Death By Pizza’.

It went on sale on Tuesday 4th Feb 14 and has already defeated a few customers.

The restaurant called ‘Little Italy’ owned by James Broderick in conjunction with Muhammad Kari a chef from a local Indian restaurant in near by Grantham in Lincolnshire came up with the idea and within 48 hours it has gone viral.

Eat a full 12″ ‘Death By Pizza’ within 30 minutes with one pint of any (bring your own) fluid, win minimum of £20 which goes up each time someone fails.

Pizza costs £12 if you fail

12 million Scoville (alleged) – ‘The sauce contains 12 million SHU extract, not that the complete pizza is 12 million SHU’

Read more about it on Yahoo.

I think this quote is worrying.

‘One customer actually physically bled from the tongue – it’s not for the faint of heart.’

Even with a disclaimer, I am not sure this is a good idea. If you have no children, I can see you being on the Darwin Awards. Not sure whether the owner would be happy either. Is it legal to serve something that has known to cause heart attacks even if a disclaimer has been signed?

There aren’t many challenges I wouldn’t have a pop at but this is one I’d pass. Even if you got it down, the next day you’d get some serious ring sting. I’d much rather attempt a large pizza at some point. Spicy challenges aren’t for me.

Here are the details if you want to try.

Little Italy Pizza
Mill Court,
NG34 7TW

Facebook Page

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