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Wings again?


Yes, I’m a sucker for chicken. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a chance to win a year’s supply of chicken wings. On a sunny Thursday afternoon I left work at a reasonable hour and went off to conquer some wings.


Taking place around 17 pubs in the UK the competition was simple. Eat 20 wings in the fastest time. Winner of the location wins a year’s worth of wings there. The fastest time in the country wins a year’s worth of beer to add.


Now, from previous posts, chicken wing challenges can vary. With the Dark Souls challenge, they were small, so 20 wings disappeared in under a minute. With the ones at Man vs Food, 30 wings took a considerable time longer.


At the location I took part, the kitchen was quite small, so we would go one by one. I was last, so that gave me a good opportunity to see what I would be up against and give me a time to beat going when it was my turn.


The wings themselves were a reasonable size. Somewhere in between what I faced in previous challenges. Credit to the kitchen, these were great. With just a hint of spice to add to flavour, these juicy morsels went down a treat.


For technique, since the wings came whole, I broke each apart with my hands first, splitting the drum and flat part apart. For the drum, I just did a sort of corn on the cob technique, biting down and spinning the drum to get the meat off. For the flat, it was a matter of just grabbing the two bones and pulling them apart as I bit on the other end to clean the meat off. Definitely room for improvement with my technique, since for quite a few I had to come back for another go to get the bones clean. However, I quickly found a rhythm that helped me see these wings away in 3.23. The times set by others were equally impressive. There were three of us that beat prior year’s record.


Now, one thing I have to say is that these wings were hot! Not spicy, but steaming hot. Since we had to go one after the other, there wasn’t much time given for them to cool. Even as I write now, my thumbs serve as a reminder of the event. I think all of us left with scorched fingers, and you guys thought eating challenges are a walk in the park.


As always, this event was fun. The turnout was great and the people I met made it even better. Most others brought along groups of friends to cheer them on, and the atmosphere definitely built up as the competition went along as times became quicker and quicker. Thank you to the staff and other participants, you guys made this competition great, and some of the commentary I heard chomping away was golden.


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