Wicked Waffle challenge 1

This is a user submitted challenge, thanks Harry.

About me, My name is Harry spent 25 years in the Royal Navy, when I left the Navy I wanted to do something

So I opened up a modern day ice cream parlour.

It is called Wicked Waffle and is a new Waffle and Gelato ice cream parlour in Portsmouth.

We are always trying to create new things for the menu, and a food challenge looked like a fun addition.

The challenge consists of 4 fresh waffles, with 12 scoops of ice cream, topped with cream, chocolate sauce and flakes. You can choose your flavours of ice cream from a list we provide, but a max of 2 scoops of one flavour. It will cost £25.


Man versus food update, had our first challenger failed miserably, so anyone else up for it. It weighs in at 2kg and is now free if completed, it is £25 and 45 minutes to complete

Looks pretty easy. Sweet challenges are pretty rare. 2kg is about 4lbs but its ice cream so its dense. A burger challenge that weight would be hard but no doubt at all I’d be able to do that.

Wicked Waffle
49 London Road

Opposite mcdonald’s.
Booking required
023 9269 1146
Facebook page

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  1. Reply Thomas Inkpin Jan 22,2015 10:59 am

    next month i will come and destroy this!

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