Truck Stop Challenge

This is a user submitted challenge. Thanks Gavin for this.

This combo plate is designed to be shared between 6 to 10 people for just £75. It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday or just watching the football or rugby…

• 2 x classic burgers
• 2 x cheese burgers
• 2 x classic hot dogs
• 2 x cheesy dogs
• 12 x onion rings
• 2 x sides of fries
• 1st gear nachos
• 2 x sides of house coleslaw
• 12 x hot ‘n’ spicy chicken wings
• 10 x pancakes with maple syrup
• 2 x dressed house salads

You get it for 20% [£15] if you complete it.

Its a great local themed pub, no-one has done it yet – perhaps that amount of food is impossible…

I have to agree this looks impossible. Its a bit of a shame as the dishes look nice. You can see the size of the challenge on their facebook page.

Rob Pinto, the main who devoured the kids breakfast challenge, even failed it. His story is on the site.

I certainly wouldn’t tackle it. It’d just be like chucking £75 away, well not quite, you’d get a nice meal from it. I reckon it’d be nice for a group of people to do though.

Jubilee Garage
30 North Street
PE10 9AB
Visit the site here

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