Triple Chili Challenge

So, one quiet Friday lunchtime I went to have a haircut. On the way back to the office I realised I was close to Meat Mission. So, like any sensible person, I decided to grab a quick lunch and do the Triple Chili Challenge.


It consists of:

  • Green Chili Cheeseburger
  • Chili Dog
  • Chili Cheese Fries

You have 10 minutes to complete it and get the meal free. If not, you pay for all 3 dishes.


Now, I knew this wasn’t a large challenge, but it still caught me off guard. When it arrived it was more than I expected. I was still confident I could finish it in under 10 minutes. The place was packed, so I was slightly nervous. I had previously done the Dark Souls Wings challenge here, so I wanted to do well.


It’s quite a messy challenge. I did not do my usual of taking the items apart. Instead I just went for the burger and chili dog whole to try get it down fast. Not sure if that was a tactical error or whether I was a bit rusty after a break from challenges, but it went down quite slowly. Whilst not seemingly spicy, I still got hiccups as I usually do when spicy food catches me off guard.


The burger was messy. I dropped the patty, fumbled around too much picking up the pieces. I thought I would make up time with the dog. Taking my first bite I was met with less resistance than expected. I forgot there was chili on top.


For the fries, I went back to using a fork. They tasted great, but again I found it hard to eat fast. Too many items and textures to really focus and get a rhythm with. All in all, a poor show from me.


Nonetheless, cheered on, I pushed forward to complete it in a time of 4.16. Not bad by any means, but I know I can do a lot better. I’ll definitely be back to have a go at the leader board, this time knowing what I’m up against and hopefully on better form, rather than on a casual lunch whim. Next time I will probably forego shyness and just go ‘animal’ using hands.


As always, everyone there was great. This place has an awesome vibe and everyone has always been very friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend checking this place out and having a go:

Meat Liquor (multiple locations)




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