Trash Can Challenge at the Flaming Grill 7

I’ve been to the flaming grill pub a few times to do the steak challenge and burger challenge. Just last week, they revamped the challenges and have introduced another one.

The 24oz steak challenge is now a 32oz challenge. Thats a good ideas as 24oz isn’t that much of a challenge. They also added in a double portion of chips rather than the single portion you got with the 24oz challenge. Still, 32oz isn’t that much and no doubt, many people will defeat that one. Its the trash can challenge that excites me.


Our Trash Can Challenge is so big it can only be served in a bin lid! To be named a champion you’ll need to work your way through a giant rack of ribs, a double cheese and bacon burger, three portions of chips, a beef chilli Sundae, chicken skewer, onion rings, a corn on the cob, Smokey BBQ baked beans and peas.

For £20 its pretty good value. They finally worked out the best way to bulk out the challenges is to add chips. A triple portion of chips is a fair amount to eat.

2014-02-12 15.40.21 (Large)
The trash can challenge

The picture here doesn’t really show the amount of chips. Doesn’t look too much until you see how it far deep it goes. Its not as bad as some challenges I’ve seen but its a fair amount of chips there.

I tackled the burger and chips first. Strange for an eating challenge, I was able just to pick the burger up and eat it. Usually, I am having to eat the patties first to get it down to a size I can fit in my mouth. The chips dipped nicely in the beef chilli sundae (thats the thing in the middle, just beef chilli with some white sauce on top). I was quite full after eating the burger. Its a hefty thing. I am guessing it was 12oz with bacon and cheese on it.

After the burger, there were still many chips left. I tackled the onion rings, chicken skewer, corn on the cob and mixed in the rest of the chips with peas and beans. I left the rack of ribs until the end.

2014-02-12 16.03.02 (Large)
The final straight

I was given another plate to eat the ribs off. It was pretty much impossible to cut the ribs on the bin lid. By now the ribs were a bit cold. With hindsight I should have eaten these before the chips. Cold chips are easier to eat than cold ribs. It was pretty slow going. I never stopped but I didn’t really enjoy the food at this point.

As there was no time limit, I took my time but approximately 37 minutes to do in total. The ribs took 17 of those. I probably could have done it all sub 30 minutes at a push. Its a tough one though. I expect it to be the hardest of the three challenges.

2014-02-12 16.21.28 (Large)

I did this at my local flaming grill pub which is the Ridgeway Arms. Its only been going a few days but I am the first one to do this at that place. If you look on Twitter, other people have completed it but many more have failed.

Here are the details if you want to have a go


Quarry Hill,
South Yorkshire,
S20 5AZ

but the chain is nationwide so there is probably one near you. Find them on facebook and twitter too. I’ll be back soon to do the 32oz steak challenge.

7 thoughts on “Trash Can Challenge at the Flaming Grill

  1. Reply Paul Jackson Mar 19,2015 5:23 pm

    Looking at the picture although I could not undertake such a challenge I once some years ago managed what they called a monster mixed grill at the wishing well in knaresborough they don’t seem to do them now but I would say there oval platter would have held as much it had Chips two fried eggs two fried tomatoes what they called a Barnsley chop it was massive , a porterhouse steak mushrooms a slice of black pudding onion rings and two sausages I am not sure it was a long time ago but they might have been some savaloy too and oh yes some baked beans then the garnish you know lettuce and some shredded raw vegetables like carrots and onions and something green it might have been cabbage I felt really full after that you know when you drink a fizzy drink two fast my landlady at the nearby b&b said she could not recall any of her guests putting one away I had done one or two but never felt fit to bust as on that day carry on the good work eat and be Merry regards Paul

  2. Reply Master Chef Mar 22,2015 9:22 pm

    My son is 16 and he did the Burger Challenge in 21 minutes.
    On the next table were a guy and his son doing the trash Can Challenge and they did it between them and failed !!!

  3. Reply Big Trev Aug 27,2015 5:30 am

    So is it free if you finish?

  4. Reply Ken Jan 18,2018 9:42 pm

    Do Goats like fried eggs?

  5. Reply Gav Mar 3,2022 12:32 pm

    I did take on the trashcan challenge and I finished it but if you see the pain on my face after finishing I would not do it again.

  6. Reply CH Dec 4,2022 10:08 pm

    Does anyone have a picture of the flaming burger challenge??

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