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This is a user submitted challenge.

Here at the Yard we have put together what we believe to be the UKs biggest burger, standing at nearly a foot high it consists of 3 x 6oz burger patties, 12 x rashers of bacon, a 10″ Sausage, 6 slices of cheese, 4 beer battered onion rings, salad special sauce all served in a toasted Burger bun. The challenge is finish the Ultimate challenge burger along with large fries and coleslaw within 20 minutes and get a free dessert, as well as entering our ultimate challenge hall of fame!

£15.95 for Ultimate challenge burger with large fries and coleslaw.


Well, I don’t think they have the biggest burger in the UK. That award has got to go to the beast in Croydon. (I don’t think thats possible though and just a PR stunt).


As always with these challenges its down to the chips. Looking at the size of the chips I reckon I could do it. Its not as ridiculous as others I’ve seen. Hard to judge from the picture though. The burger looks hefty with its 3 spikes to keep it together.

I assume the challenge is fairly new as only 8 people have tried. 6 people didn’t finish at all. 1 did it in 14 minutes and 1 in 44 minutes.

If I lived out that way I’d certainly try this one. Not sure about the value of the dessert though. As if you want a dessert after you’ve eaten that monster.

The Yard
Rear of 30a Brook Street
West Yorkshire
LS29 8DE

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  1. Reply bignige May 22,2013 3:06 pm

    That challenge looks easy the burgers not big and the portion of chips is small but theres no way id pay 15.95 to win a free pudding

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