The Trawlerman Challenge 2

This is a user submitted challenge. Thanks to Richard.

The challenge includes: 8 Bacon, 8 Sausage, 8 Hash Browns, 8 Eggs, 4 Black Pudding, 4 portions of mushrooms, 4 portions of beans, 4 half tomatoes, 4 Toast, 2 Fried Bread, 2 Bread n Butter and unlimited regular Tea and Coffee!
Free of Charge is Completed in under 30 Minutes and placed onto the Leaderboard.


Looks tough but doable. If you fancy a try,

Skippers Cafe,
North Yorkshire,
YO21 3PP


2 thoughts on “The Trawlerman Challenge

  1. Reply Dave Oct 2,2015 9:12 am

    Hi how much to share it with a friend?

  2. Reply Dave Oct 2,2015 9:14 am

    can I get one to takeaway?

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