The Sloppy Jo Burger Challenge at Smokin Jo’s Diner 7

This is a user submitted challenge, thanks Johanna.

Our Sloppy Jo Burger Challenge is the ULTIMATE of challenges and not for the faint hearted!

Our Sloppy Jo Burger Challenge consists of:-

6x 8oz Steak Burgers
1lb of In-House Smoked Pulled Pork
8oz of House made Chilli Con Carne
1lb Crispy Bacon
8oz of Montery Jack Cheese

And if that isn’t enough!!!

We serve this with:-
2lb of Fries & 8oz of Onion Rngs

The price of our MONSTER challenge is £20.00
But! IF you manage to finish our Sloppy Jo Challenge you will eat for FREE and get your photo on our HALL OF FAME and a T-Shirt claiming you Concoured The Sloppy Jo Challenge,
However!!! If you FAIL! a photo of you holding your £20.00 will go on our WALL OF SHAME!

Come and try us IF YOU DARE!!


The challenge is available in the evenings only, so basically, just Thursday and Friday nights (at the time of writing). Looking at it, I think its impossible. I totted it up and its 8.5lbs plus the weight of the bun.

Putting that in to context, most food challenges are around the 3 – 3.5lb mark. A 72oz steak is 4.5lbs and steak is a lot denser than the stuff in this challenge. A 5lb food challenge would beat me. When you are looking at an 8.5lb challenge, you are really only looking at the pro competitive eaters that can do it and even then a lot of them would fail.

That challenge would feed 4 people quite easily. The burger patties themselves weight 3lbs in total so each person would get 3/4lbs of burger and 1/2lb of chips, plus a quarter of all the extras. It’d be a big meal for 4 regular people.

If you think you can do it here are the details but you’d be doing well to even get half way. If they’ll let you, go down with a few mates and have the meal to share. Its actually very good value. Feeding 4 for a fiver each.

Smokin Jo’s Diner
Sutherland Street
S4 7WG
0114 2491010
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Opening times as March 2014
Monday 7.00am – 1pm
Tuesday 7.00am – 1pm
Wednesday 7.00am – 1pm
Thursday 7.00am – 10pm
Friday 7.00am – 10pm
Saturday 7.00am – 1pm
Saturday night is available for private hire too for up to 60 people.

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I’ve actually been in to this place and its great tasting food. I had a Sloppy Jo burger by itself and the ribs meal. I can’t believe they are selling ribs, corn, onion rings, chips and coleslaw for £5.99. Surely that must go up at some point.


Here is the Sloppy Jo burger meal. Thats great value too. The pulled pork and chili is delicious and the burger is the nicest I’ve tasted in a while. That’s £5.75.


7 thoughts on “The Sloppy Jo Burger Challenge at Smokin Jo’s Diner

  1. Reply Tzevai Mar 24,2014 11:11 am

    That looks ridiculous! Bargain for £20 but I reckon it’s impossible for anyone but pros.

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  3. Reply mdex Sep 8,2014 8:36 am

    5 of us are going to try this on Friday.

    Under no illusions of any of actually finishing it though. Should be fun at least.

    4 people have attempted it so far but the most anyone ate was 5.5lbs.

  4. Reply Bob Sep 8,2014 1:00 pm

    >>Under no illusions of any of actually finishing it though. Should be fun at least.

    Is that not a bit wasteful? Fair enough if you get close but if you are going to be no where near, you may as well not bother ordering one each.

    • Reply mdex Sep 8,2014 2:17 pm


      In what respect.

      The restaurant don’t care if any food is left they still get their £20.
      I don’t care if any food is left I’ll be spending my own £20.

      It’s a bit of fun and shall be treated as such.

      • Reply bob Sep 8,2014 2:42 pm

        Wasteful in the fact that, none of you will get close or even expect to. Even if you all got half way, assuming 8lbs of food, you are still wasting 20lb of nice food overall 🙁

        Each to their own though and people waste stuff all the time. Just with eating challenges, people get grief for it.

        • Reply mdex Sep 8,2014 3:14 pm

          I wouldn’t grief anyone for it, and wouldn’t expect it other than from holier than thou (think of the children in Africa) people.

          Like I said everyone knows what they are giving and getting so no issue with it.

          It’s the taking part that counts…..

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