The Richmond Triple Burger Challenge

This is a user submitted challenge.

The Richmond Triple Burger Challenge is a triple 6oz cheese burger, with 2 hash browns, chips, potato wedges, peas, a side salad, chili dip and onion rings all served on a 12″ plate.

Complete it and get a free pudding from the menu. The burger costs £12


One of my regulars always had our double cheese burgers, and said that was quite a challenge. I played around with the idea of a triple, and tried it myself. the burger alone is possible, as i have done it twice, but the idea then came that if we market the triple as a challenge with all the sides, and it was started. It has been attempted to-date by 16 people and only completed once. I am satisfied that i have created the perfect plateful to defeat the hungriest of eaters. The challenge has only been running for a month.

Looking at the burger, it looks pretty straight forward. There is no time limit, no mega portion of fries or anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if those completion stats changed over the coming months. If I am ever up in Scotland, I’d have a pop at it.

The Richmond Arms is a medium sized hotel in Tomintoul, the highest village in the Scottish highlands

The Richmond Arms Hotel
The Square,
AB37 9ET

Phone 01807 580388

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