The Mile High Chickadee Challenge

Another day, another delicious challenge.


This one was a pleasant surprise for me.

The challenge consists of:

  • A 6 piece fried chicken chickadee (chicken burger) with coleslaw, and cheese sauce
  • Large sweet potato fries
  • Super – sized milkshake

Simple. A burger, side, and a drink. How hard can it be?

The meal costs £25 regardless win or lose, however, if you finish the challenge you get your picture on their wall of fame, and if you manage it in under 15 minutes, you will win an awesome tote bag. To sweeten the deal even further, the fastest time of the month will win dinner for two, so this is ideally what you’d be aiming for if you approach this as a challenge.


Truth be told, I thought it would be bigger, so it was a nice surprise to see a very reasonably sized challenge in front of me.


I’ll confess, going into this, I though the fried chicken would be very crisp, so I had my concerns how to eat it fast. Boy was I wrong… not only was it not overly crisp, the insides were juicy but not greasy. Tearing through the burger was a delicious breeze. I didn’t really do anything special technique wise, tackled the proteins first. Instead of finishing the bun with a patty, I just essentially had a veggie burger that contained the coleslaw and vegetables inside it. This helped in my opinion to get it down quicker.


The only slightly odd thing I did was use the shake as my liquid. Heads up, these shakes are very thick, so I hope you either have a good pair of lungs on you or your mouth isn’t too full if you plan to do this. It worked really well with the patties, but not at all with the buns and fries since I had more food in my mouth, so just didn’t have the lungs to utilise it to the fullest potential. Water, as usual, was my helper in this case.


My personal opinion is that a time of 15 minutes is very doable, so you should expect to walk out with a full belly and an awesome tote bag. I got just over 6 minutes for my attempt, so you should have plenty of room to beat it under that 15 minute mark.


I recommend you give this place a try for a nice, casual entry level challenge, or just pay them a visit for that great chicken and Southern Specialities:

205 City Rd, Hoxton, London EC1V 1JN

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