The Mammoth Burger Challenge 1

This is a user submitted challenge. Thanks Ron.

The Mammoth burger is made up of: egg, onion rings, bacon, bean burger, chicken burgers, beef burgers, lettuce and mushroom served with chips. For the price of £12 that’s pretty good value. All to be consumed in under 20 minutes, maybe dropped to 15 now. If you manage it you get a free pint.

See an attempt below.

The challenge is at The Lion and Snake Pub in Lincoln. The challenge is no longer on the menu, secret menu item! But when I inquired about it they were very accommodating and more than happy to set it up for us. If you email or call them beforehand I’m sure they would be happy to set it up.

The day came and the three of us, Dan, Swap and Ron, rocked up around midday. We nervously walk up to the bar with all our filming equipment in hand. The friendly barman did not know about the challenge but found the lady who we had been corresponding with and our orders go in.

We set up outside and Dan is the first to step up. It’s a bit of a struggle but he manages it in a sensible 17 minutes and 29 seconds. Swap is up next and really goes for it but he comes unstuck and can’t finish. Ron steps up armed with the knowledge gained from watching his two compatriot’s challenges. He finishes in 12 minutes.

Our first restaurant challenge an 2/3 of us won! Can not recommend The Lion and Snake enough for putting it on and the reception from the staff. Absolutely outstanding service and good food.


Looks quite doable.

If you fancy a try, here are the contact details.

79 Bailgate,
01522 576667

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  1. Reply Ron G Nov 4,2015 8:52 pm

    Fantastic! Such a fast turn around from submission to being posted. Great work Ben.

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