The Kraken Burger in Bristol 6

This is a user submitted challenge, thanks Will.

The Hobgoblin in Bristol offers a pretty monumental eating challenge – The Kraken.

You have to get through a triple bypass burger (3 7oz burgers, 2 hash browns, a load of pulled pork and cheese), 15 chicken wings, a huge portion of dirty, dirty fries (chips with cheese and pulled pork) and a big pile of coleslaw, all with additional sauces, in under 45 minutes. If you make it, you get a t-shirt and the meal is free, if not then its £25 and probably a lot of shame. So far, it stands at 64 failures, 1 winner.

I’ve done a few challenges and am pretty good at eating, but this one looks dangerous. I’ve shared a (normal size) portion of dirty fries between 3 and come out full…….. You can order it between a group though, makes it a pretty reasonable meal for 5.

The contract you sign probably sums it up best – ‘I agree that I am an idiot and that nobody has forced me to eat such a stupid ammount of food’

I found some pictures and more information from their facebook page. It weighs 5lbs 10 oz. Thats probably too much for me too handle.




If you want to have a try, here are the details. I’ll pass on this one though. I agree with Will, this one looks dangerous.

Facebook page

6 thoughts on “The Kraken Burger in Bristol

  1. Reply Julia Feb 6,2015 9:39 am

    Just an FYI you can’t order it to share. Everything on it can be ordered on its own but the Kraken as a whole is only available as the challenge.

  2. Reply Geoff Woodland Feb 9,2015 12:24 pm

    Yeah my son Rich is the only winner of this contest .

  3. Reply Kevin Welland Feb 19,2016 4:43 pm

    God it looks horrible. The only thing I would try are the wings. They would go quite nice with the coleslaw and maybe the sauce. But the burger and the fries no way….

  4. Reply Chris Pulford Jul 20,2016 10:52 am

    Kev you smelly tinker

  5. Reply Rob Oct 11,2021 2:29 pm

    Can I swap the gherkins. 🤔🤮

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