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As an introduction, my name is Andrey and I have recently offered to help with the website. Having done a couple of challenges before as a bit of fun I recently moved to London and I realised that the city and the surrounding areas offer plenty of challenges to tackle. Going forward I will be tackling these challenges every couple of weeks and hope you enjoy my journey as I give it my best to take down these challenges and describe the experience.


For my first post I’ll say a bit about my first ‘challenge’:


What made me do it? Curiosity I suppose. Youtube had presented before me the likes of Matt Stonie and Randy Santel. I knew I could eat, many a buffet had proven it, but now I wanted to know, could I eat? I promised myself to defeat a food challenge before graduation.


Although weighing in at only 32oz (plus two sides of your choice), and with no time limit, this was a long way from some of the more serious challenges out there. Perfect as an introduction though to see if this is something you enjoy doing. Also, it’s pretty good value for steak at a restaurant.


I was tackling this with a friend to settle who the better eater was. This friendly competition made it more fun, and is probably what they are aiming for with these challenges. A means to have a great time with friends rather than to really push ones stomach.


Our orders placed, we waited. Soon, they came out sizzling, on hot iron plates, the decisive moment fast approaching. Would I be able to pass this first test?


After letting them cool slightly, we were off. As a munched away, I was surprised by how nice the steak was, for a big piece of meat it wasn’t chewy. Hey, I could get used to this. I started fast, but quickly realised that this wasn’t going to be tough, so slowed down and started to enjoy it. There was no need to use any strategy for this one and I ate it as a regular meal. The quantity of mashed potatoes was a bit much, but they went down easily. The whole thing took around 17 minutes at a very leisurely pace. My friend on the other hand struggled a bit and had to call it quits, but still managed most of it.


Overall, whilst not much of a serious challenge, it was great fun, and a good deal. Plus, now I knew, I was ready to move on to bigger challenges. For those curious to test out the waters this would be a great introductory challenge.


Do you fancy a go or have already conquered it? Let me know in the comments below.


Flaming Grill Pubs

Coventry Oak,

Ansty Rd,



2 thoughts on “The first challenge

  1. Reply Paul Jun 8,2016 11:40 am

    I’ve had this a couple of times, as you say, its not the most serious of challenges, I actually found this easier than their Burger challenge ( which wasn’t that great to eat either ) – I’m yet to attempt the ” Trash Can ” challenge 😀

  2. Reply Andrey Jun 9,2016 7:40 am

    Nice, I have yet to try their burger challenge but its not really something high up on the list. The Trash Can challenge though looks really good, completely slipped my mind, thanks for reminding me. I’m sure you will smash it when you try it though!

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