The Colossal Burger at the Angel Inn Killamarsh near Sheffield 1

The Angel Inn in Killamarsh do a large burger they call the Colossal. If you can finish it, you get it for free. Its £17 normally. You have 45 minutes to finish it. This is a food challenge that isn’t well publicised at all. I only found out because a friend drove past the place and looked it up online. The only thing he found was this advert from an electronic version of a magazine.


Could you be the David that takes on the Goliath known as, THE COLOSSAL BURGER, devour this monster and get your burger for free! Earn all time bragging rights.

Intriguing. It must be a big burger if they are offering it for free if you finish it. They’ll be losing £17 a time when people complete it. I found the image below on their facebbok page. Looks big but its hard to grasp the scale of the thing.


I arranged for a group of us to do the challenge today but unfortunately, they have food deliveries on Mondays and as it was a Sunday they were running low on supplies. They didn’t have enough burgers to do 1 Colossal Burger never mind the 3 we wanted. Our trip wasn’t wasted though as we found out more about the challenge.

The Colossal Burger is 5 * 6oz burgers, onion rings, 8 slices of cheese and 1.5lbs of chips. Sound really big but you add that up and its just over 3.5lbs. I personally can’t see whats so hard about it. Out of just over 100 people that have tried it, only 2 have completed it though. The chef was really confident that about the size of the burger and said Adam Richman wouldn’t have a chance. He said it made the Flaming Grill 1kg burgers look easy.

The other thing is that only 4 people at a time can compete. Its hard to cook more than 20 burgers and 6lbs of chips at a time. I suppose if there was a bigger group of you, you’d have to do it in stages. Probably best off calling up ahead of time to make sure they have the raw ingredients.

Fortunately the Belfry Pub wasn’t too far away. Thats a Flaming Grill Pub which does the Flaming Burger Challenge. That was pretty straight forward. Me and Dan both did that with ease. JJ, the third contender didn’t finish it though, so he’s decided to not try the Colossal Burger next time.


If you fancy trying the Colossal Burger its at
The Angel Inn,
127 Rotherham Road,
S21 2DR

Facebook page. Its right next to Rother Valley Country Park so you can do a few laps of that to build up an appetite. I’ll be visiting again soon so check back soon for a full write up.

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  1. Reply simon Jul 15,2013 3:11 pm

    I created this challenge when I was running the pub along with a few others and was initially well advertised but when I went it seems the owners didn’t survive, hence being under new management! I am now in a pub/Inn in South Wales where we are going to be doing a lot of food challenges! Facebook link :- Challenges will be up and running in the next fortnight, there are guest rooms available here also if you fancy a get away and a variety of food challenges!

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