The Beast Burger Challenge in Bristol

This is a challenge I have been notified of via the submit a challenge page. Many thanks to Nicola for this.

There is a challenge in a Bristol Burger Eatery Claled Warrens Gourmet Burger co. You have to eat a whopping 4.5lb burger, chips and slaw in under an hour. If you finish it, its free, you get a tshirt and your picture on the wall of fame. And it’s only £20 if you dont eat it. It’s absolutely massive and you must order it 24 hours in advance. My husband Pete tried it and failed. Definitely recommend it and thier burgers as they are actually really good! Not sure he’d forgive me if you published the picture of his face though! You should try it if you are in the area!


That is one big burger. At 4.5lbs its stretching what I think I can eat. I can’t see many on the hall of the fame down there. I certainly will try it if I am ever down Bristol way.

If you fancy trying it here are the details

Warrens Burger Company
8 Wooton Road

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