WingIt16 1

Wings again?   Yes, I’m a sucker for chicken. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a chance to win a year’s supply of chicken wings. On a sunny Thursday afternoon I left work at a reasonable hour and went off to conquer some wings.   Taking place around 17 pubs in the UK ...

30 Wings at Man Vs Food 3

30 Wings at Man Vs Food
Recently I returned to Man vs Food.   After having previously taken on their Belly Buster, I decided it was time to take another off the list. Today’s choice was either the 30 Wings Challenge or the 3 Little Pigs (3 racks of ribs + sides).   Since there may be an upcoming wing event, ...

Dark Souls Wings Challenge 6

Dark Souls Wings Challenge
What a month.   This was a tough challenge. Speed and spice were the name of the game with this challenge. It was about who could get through 20 wings covered in Meat Liquor’s homemade habanero sauce. Top time at each of their locations won a PS4 as well as a collector’s edition of Dark ...