Juggernaut Breakfast 1

Juggernaut Breakfast
This is a throwback my second challenge,   I had searched for a challenge near me and found the infamous Juggernaut. Rumour had it this was an undefeated breakfast monstrosity. Consisting of: 6 rashers of bacon 2 footlong sausages 4 eggs 4 egg and cheese omelettes Toast Chips Black pudding Beans Tomatoes Mushrooms All the ...

Go Hard or Go Home – Bourbon Smokehouse 2

Go Hard or Go Home - Bourbon Smokehouse
I’m not going to deny, I’m pretty happy being the first one to complete this. So, some time ago I heard Leamington Spa had another challenge. The other challenge was the first major challenge I ever did and it was a tough one. I could not leave a challenge unbeaten in the city where it ...