Street Food Chef Burrito Challenge 2

This was an interesting challenge which I seriously underestimated. The Street Food Chef is an independent Mexican cafe in Sheffield. To do the challenge you have to go their Arundel Street location.

Here’s the challenge
CameraZOOM-20130222194937276 (Custom)

Eat a 3.5lb burrito, no time limit and get your picture on the wall of fame, else you end up on the wall of shame.

On the surface it doesn’t sound that hard. Its only £14.95 and if you finish it, you only get a picture on the wall. The really hard challenges are those where you get the meal free if you eat it all. That actually costs the restaurant money. Plus the record is 7 minutes. How hard can it be if someone can do it in 7 minutes?

Here’s a picture of El Bastardo.
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The picture doesn’t do it any justice as thats a 660ml bottle of Corona. You have got to judge it on the size of the table or chair. Look at how big that plate is. I really need to carry a tape measure with me in future.

I got a tip off one of the staff to eat the salsa and toppings as I went along, because if not, it ends up a large mush at the end. I wish I had have the tip to mix all the jalapenos up and eat them as you go along. At the end it was just a jalapenos eating mission.

So, I start off pretty well and confident. Its all going down really well but after about 10 minutes I hit the wall. I think its because burrito’s aren’t as dense as burgers so the same weight is harder to put away. I carried on but really started to struggle at about 15 minutes in. It was basically just a mush of tortilla chips and jalapenos. I had to grab a can of coke to help take the spicy taste away.

I was also struggling in terms of volume at this point too. I just nipped in after the gym rather than doing any proper preparation. I did manage in the end but only after 26 minutes. That’s very disappointing. I would have expected half that time.

I was also in a lot of discomfort and on the verge of throwing up. I managed to get a smiling picture but thats a fake smile for sure. I was dying inside. The only positive is that I am on the hall of fame rather than wall of shame.

CameraZOOM-20130222204118755 (Custom)

El Bastardo at the Street Food Chef is a worthy food challenge in Sheffield. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting a challenge.

Check them out on twitter or visit their website.
90 Arundel Street
S1 4RE

Tel. No. 0114 275 2390

2 thoughts on “Street Food Chef Burrito Challenge

  1. Reply Stuart Dyke Aug 9,2013 9:40 am

    Hi Ben,

    Me and my two brothers are attempting the Burrito Challenge this Sunday. Any tips for us apart from not leaving a sloppy mess of Jalapenos until the end? Also, exactly how spicy is this challenge as i’m a wimp when it comes to spicy food.

    P.S. BIG fan of you work and your website.


    • Reply admin Aug 9,2013 9:57 am

      Hi Stuart

      The challenge isn’t that spicy. Its more of a volume challenge. If you want spice, the champs wing challenge is probably the best.

      Depending on your appetite, I’d consider training for it. Randy Santel has some great tips.

      Finally, remember if you fail, you are on the wall of shame. Thats what got me through it!



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