Steak Challenge at the Flaming Grill Pub

Disclosure. I got £40 worth of vouchers to do this challenge. Its not affected my write up but I think it’d be a good idea to disclose it.

The steak challenge at the flaming grill pub is 24oz steak, double portion of chips, mushrooms, tomato and onion rings.


I’ve already done the burger challenge at this chain. It’t not too hard, its a very inclusive challenge in that many people will be able to finish it. Its not really for the top 5-10% which a lot of challenges seem to be for. As a guess, I’d say about 30% of people succeed in these challenges.

There is no time limit to this and the only prize is a certificate and a picture of on the flaming challenge website. At the time of writing the top time for the steak challenge is 13.23 and for the burger challenge, 3.39. The latter is insane. I did the burger challenge in around 15 minutes and I think even if I was trying my best, I’d struggle for under 10 minutes.

There were 4 of us that attempted this challenge. Myself, Matt, Ash and Paul.

P1000745 (Large)

The steak was one big piece rather than 3*8oz steaks which we thought it could have been.

2013-10-26 13.43.56 (Large)

I was pretty confident about being able to do this. A 24oz steak isn’t that big and the double portion of chips wasn’t that big either. Usually places bulk up these challenges with lots of chips but not these guys.

For me and Paul this challenge was pretty straight forward. We did it in just under 11 minutes. I just ate the chips, sides and then tackled the steak. I did that to let the steak cool down a bit. Paul didn’t have onion rings, onions or mushrooms so technically didn’t really finish the challenge properly.

Matt and Ash struggled. Their excuse was that they were out until 4am on the beer and their stomachs weren’t able to handle it. So while they were struggling…

P1000746 (Large)

…me and Paul were ordering a chocolate mountain to showboat…

2013-10-26 14.22.25 (Large)

a few minutes later…

2013-10-26 14.32.31 (Large)


2013-10-26 13.59.25 (Large)

Matt is struggling…

2013-10-26 14.17.10 (Large)

Ash throws in the towel at about 40 minutes.

2013-10-26 14.39.50 (Large)

Matt powers on and around 55 minutes, he’s nearly there. A minutes later, he’s done.

2013-10-26 14.41.19 (Large)

So 3 finishers and 1 fail. Thats not too bad for a food challenge. In terms of value its great. An 8oz steak would cost about a tenner so a 24oz steak for £15.99 is cracking value even without the challenge.

If you want the fame, get the app and you can record times and compare with those around the country. Visit the site here. Its new so not many people on there yet. The burger time is insane though and anyone is going to struggle to beat that. The steak time is reasonable though.

The pub I did it in was the Ridgeway Arms in Sheffield.

Ridgeway Arms
Quarry Hill,
South Yorkshire,
S20 5AZ

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