Rythre monster steak challenge near York 3

This is a user submitted challenge. Thanks Terry.

There isn’t much information on the website about this at all.

They have something called the Rythre Monster on the menu.

Rythre Monster 78oz (2.2kg) £53.95



You get a t-shirt and a picture on the wall if you do it.

I found this on their facebook page.


Doesn’t look like there’s a ridiculous amount of sides so I think I could do it. Its quite near York and Leeds so maybe I will get up there one day to try defeat it.

Here are the contact details if you fancy a go.

Website: rythrearms.co.uk
Email: rythrearms@googlemail.com
Phone: 01757 268372
Address: The Rythre Arms, Ryther Village, Near Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, LS24 9EE

3 thoughts on “Rythre monster steak challenge near York

  1. Reply Rich Jan 15,2015 4:10 pm

    never mind the steak… who’s she??!!!
    WELL fit!!

  2. Reply Sheppers Feb 9,2015 1:08 pm

    Hi there, Sheppers here, nothing’s too difficult for me! I think I could complete this challenge as I like steak.

  3. Reply Topper Dec 20,2015 11:51 am

    Eat all that in approx 1 hour

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