Challenge Me- ITV- Casting Call

Challenge Me- ITV- Casting Call
Hey everyone, I was recently contacted about a casting call for a new show. If you are interested, check out the details below:

BUNANZA at Bun & Pho 3

BUNANZA at Bun & Pho
Now that is a tall burger! Ok, so we had a challenge submitted to us recently that was an easy commute for me. It was a long day at work and I was hungry. So, off I went to try this out. To be honest, I was quite nervous since there was little info to ...

BUNANZA Vietnamese burger challenge

BUNANZA  Vietnamese burger challenge
This is a user submitted challenge. Thanks Megan. the BUNANZA is finally here. This burger challenge is one like never before: Pho & Bun’s infamous steamed milky bun burgers are stacked high with prawn, pork, beef, mango, cheese and not to forget the incredible hybrid bao bun! If you think you are up for the ...

Dark Souls Wings Challenge 6

Dark Souls Wings Challenge
What a month.   This was a tough challenge. Speed and spice were the name of the game with this challenge. It was about who could get through 20 wings covered in Meat Liquor’s homemade habanero sauce. Top time at each of their locations won a PS4 as well as a collector’s edition of Dark ...

Big ol’ Belly Buster 4

Big ol' Belly Buster
Recently I went to Man Vs Food in London. The place has eating challenges at its core, even the non-challenge meals are outlandish creations you would expect to see at US fairs, e.g. they do a Krispy Kreme burger, that despite sounding strange is actually good. For the less adventurous, they do ribs and steaks. ...