MySliceFest Competition

This falls under the category of things I never thought would happen to me.


I was at work and decided to check out eatfeats. Listed, at the top of the page, was a pizza eating competition at a secret location. Pizza and a mystery location, I just had to apply and try my luck. So, on the day of the event, just a few hours before the start, my place was confirmed. I finished my work and headed off to probably my most epic lunch break.


The location was Peter’s in Swiss Cottage, a bit of a commute. When I arrived, I did not know what to expect and how seriously the others would take it. Obviously, people wanted to win. The team hosting the event were set up with cameras and music. The whole experience was something new for me. The rules were simple though; the top two would get five tickets each to the festival and would qualify for the final. Eat more slices than the rest, and you win, simple.ChdgXL6WkAQ6Gv8


I do not remember the last time I had pizza (probably the Calzone challenge that I will post at a later date), so it was time to make up for it. The pizzas had arrived, large and dense, with a hefty sprinkling of jalapeno and chilli for good measure. Everyone was ready. It is strange, you would never think eating food would make you nervous, but again I found myself with butterflies in my stomach.
No matter, soon they would be replaced with glorious pizza, slice upon slice of it.


No special technique here, I just wanted to get through it as fast as possible whilst the cheese was still warm. I worked my way from core to crust. I started fast, but towards the end I slowed down and coasted to the finish, since I realised I had a comfortable lead. I like pizza, but eating too much of anything is not fun, so there was no point going over the top.


As always, I want to thank the organisers and other participants, the banter was brilliant. It was good fun and this was a truly memorable lunch break, although getting back to work after was a bit of a struggle.


There is two months until the festival and the final showdown. Should be good fun. I am looking forward to enjoying some more pizza, but until then, I think I have crushed all the possible pizza cravings I had.


If you love pizza and music, check out MySliceFest.

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