Meeting Randy Santel 1

Eating challenge enthusiasts will know that professional eater and body builder was in the UK this January and February. He actually came to my home city of Sheffield but I missed him due to a change of schedule.

Luckily I managed to catch up with him in London. He’s a busy guy but managed to have a couple of pints in Streatham hill with him. It was interesting to talk about his UK tour and plans for which by the looks of it is what this site could have been.

2015-02-01 21.41.12
Ben and Randy

2015-02-01 21.40.55
Ben, Randy and some random fellow in the pub.

I was a shame I was not still doing challenges, could have perhaps done a challenge with him.

You can check out his tour schedule on his website. 42 Victories in total which is epic. You can see more pictures on his instagram.

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  1. Reply Cridders Mar 19,2016 2:30 am

    How tall is he? He looks bloody huge here!

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