Man Vs Pizza – Final

The qualifier in a distant past, the finals of the Man Vs Pizza competition had arrived!


It was time to try claim the title. I had done well in the qualifier, but now I was once again up against Alan, determined to challenge me for the title, joined by a new field of wild cards hoping to snatch the victor’s belt for themselves. I’ll be honest, I really wanted that belt. I mean, who wouldn’t want a trophy for winning an eating contest…right?


It was the same pizza as before. The only changes was that time was cut down to 15 minutes and the new entrants. Winner took home the prize belt and received drinks tokens for the festival.


The scene was set, a crowd gathered. Alan and I sat side by side ready to see who would take home the belt. It took a while for all the pizza to be delivered, and even more time to get it all cut. We waited patiently. The MC doing her best to keep the crowd entertained by getting them involved.


Finally it was time to begin, time counting down to zero, we were off. At this point the pizza was cold. No worries I thought. But quickly I realised, I needed to worry. Cold pizza with a thick base can put up one hell of a fight. Five minutes in I was doing well, but my jaw was giving in. Every bite became more difficult. I tried take as much work away from my jaw as I could. I sipped water after every bite to try soften the pizza. My hands would tear the giant slices in to more bite sized chunks.


Many had given up or slowed considerably by halfway, either too full or finding the pizza too spicy (a very mild spice in my opinion). Alan was giving me a run for my money. The shorter time limit meant that stomach capacity wouldn’t really play as much of a role. It was down to determination. The crowd cheered on.


In the end, I managed to salvage a victory of sort. But I think the pizza took its toll on all of us. One guy was down on the ground for the next half hour. My jaw was fatigued for the next couple of days. But hey, I won an awesome belt.


Shout out to everyone that took part. We got through it, and hey, at least we got some pizza.

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