Man Dem V Food @Prince of Peckham

Man Dem V Food


Seriously, what is London’s obsession with wings? Not complaining, I love them, but just curious.


At this point the majority of competitions I’ve done have been wings, so, it feels like I’m starting to specialise. On the plus side, I have a pretty strong claim now that no one loves wings like I do in this city; at least based on the quantity I have gone through over my time here.


So, one day I was quickly checking eatfeats to see if there was anything happening, and sure enough, ‘Man Dem V Food’ was there. Description: wings. Well… as far as I was concerned, I was sold on it despite being described as a hot wing event.


Turned out there were two events on the night. One was a hot wing competition: finish 5 extra hot wings and sit out a 5 minute burn period, fastest time wins. The other was described as a speed eating contest. You had to go through 25 wings faster than your competitors. Now, for some reason, I thought these would be small wings, so opted for this challenge. Oh how naïve I was. They were anything but small as I was soon to find out.

Upon arrival is was still fairly quiet. People were having some food and drinks, the organisers were setting up. I regretted having lunch at this point. Still, I sat down, book at hand and waited for the event. Event when we were all sat at the competition table, smack talk left right and centre, I thought it would be ok…. Until I saw them. These were some meaty wings coming out. Now I really regretted having lunch.


Nothing special technique wise for my approach. Typewriter for the drums, and trying to do one approach for the flats. I just tried to go as fast as possible, water bottle at hand. I could feel the others pretty hot on my heels from the start. However, as the competition drew on, I found them falling behind as capacity started to play its part. Did I mention they were meaty wings? Delicious, but meaty wings.


Eventually it got to the stage where people’s wills were failing. So, the organisers set a cut off time. I was still dead set to finish before then. The cut-off gave me a second breath and I went back at it, finishing just within the time. Did I need to? No, I was well in the lead, but hey, when you do challenges this much, the clock becomes an opponent, and honour was on the line (as much as there is in eating food…. I just didn’t want to disappoint my nickname of the night ‘No Limits’, based on the T-shirt I wore).


Lessons taken: don’t eat before events. Don’t underestimate competitions or challenges.


It was good fun, and I’m looking forward to going back to get my prize of *drum roll* more chicken. I’m genuinely looking forward to it since White Men Can’t Jerk make some of the best this city has to offer.

Prince of Peckham Pub

1 Clayton Rd, London SE15 5JA

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