Lk’s Atomic KickAss Challenge 3

This is a user submitted challenge. Thanks Muhammed.

The Challenge is to eat 10 chicken drumsticks in 15 minutes and all the the if you complete it the prize is £100 to enter competition it’s £25 and of course if you complete it that FREE!!

The Actual Challenge is to complete 10 chicken drumsticks Cooked in a tandoor with extra hot spices , Then the drumsticks are Soaked in a Mango & Tamarind Barbecue style glaze with a mixture of my special spices , Moruaga Scorpions,scotch bonnets , Birdseye chillies & extract reaching in total to approx 9 million to 12 million Scovilles .

So possibly the Worlds Hottest Chicken Drumsticks. Reservation only bookings required at least 5 days before dining . No one has completed this yet even though it has featured in the local papers. Competitors must be over 18yrs of age and of good health a disclaimer will have to be signed for surety . Hence 10 drumsticks in sauce
15 mins Completion time
Entry fee for Challenge £25
Completion prize £100

I am also the Creator of the Worlds Hottest curry the World Famous WIDOWER curry & The sauce for DEATH by PIZZA



This challenge isn’t really for me. Sounds way too spicy and the next day I’d be suffering for sure. Even for £100 I wouldn’t do it. If you fancy it though, here are the details.

Bindi Resturant
22 London Road,
NG31 6EJ

3 thoughts on “Lk’s Atomic KickAss Challenge

  1. Reply Charlie Nov 29,2014 7:32 am

    Bet you I could do it.never lost a food challenge

  2. Reply Lk Dec 12,2014 2:15 am

    Sorry for reply so late you up for the Challenge.
    Text me on 07808 527786

  3. Reply Lk Dec 12,2014 2:16 am

    Sorry for late reply you up for the challenge , please contact me by text on 07808527786
    Thanks LK

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