Henry 8th Burger Challenge at Smokey’s Diner Attercliffe Sheffield 4

This is the biggest burger I have seen so far in Sheffield. Its a massive 48oz. Its not actually a challenge in the way I’d define one though. There’s no prize for finishing it. All you get are the bragging rights.


Henry 8th Belly Buster.
48oz – 8 burgers, cheese melts, onion rings, waffles, hash browns and fried eggs top served with fries and coleslaw.

As always its the fries that worry about these burger challenges. I checked with the waitress how big the fries were before ordering this. I didn’t fancy setting myself up for another failure after yesterdays poor performance. Fortunately there was no pesky salad in this challenge.


Being 48oz, I’d have expected a more hefty looking burger than that. I think its because these are more traditional burgers. Burgers nowadays in restaurants are usually the quicker gourmet type. I was talking to the chef and he says they used to do gourmet ones but people preferred them flatter. I do as well. Its not that I dislike the posher burgers its just that the thin and flat ones taste better I think.

In between each burger was either cheese, onion rings, hash browns or a waffle. There was a token bit of salad on the base and top too. The fries were really nice and the portion size wasn’t ridiculous. If they wanted to be cruel they could have filled up another basket full of chips. No coleslaw though but I wasn’t going to complain.

As these were thin, high quality burgers (home made, no grease), I managed to pick up each burger up and eat them like how I’d eat a slice of toast with 2 hands. Thats a much more efficient way of eating than with a knife and fork. The first 4 were really nice but then the stomach began to fill up.

As there was no time limit there was no pressure on finishing it in a fast time. When I got to the 7th burger I took a rest and polished off the chips. They were piping hot at the start but had cooled to the point where they were nice to eat eat. I didn’t want to be left with a side of cold chips.

Once they the chips had gone, all I was left with was a double burger and I was on the home straight. I finished it in just under 40 minutes. Maybe not comfortably but not in too much pain. In terms of difficulty, the Dam House burger is harder due to the huge portion of chips, side salad and time limit.

Redemption for yesterdays failure

As I said, this wasn’t a proper challenge so I didn’t get anything for finishing it. They are planning on having challenges in the future though with prizes, hall of fame, hall of shame, etc but that’s over the next few months. I am looking forward to those.

In the meantime, here are the contact details.

Smokey’s Diner and Take Out.
539 Attercliffe Road
S9 3RP.
0114 2449836
Opening times, Monday to Saturday 11am to 8pm.

Its right opposite La Chambre which taxi drivers will know better if you need to catch a taxi there ask to go to “La Chambre” rather than Smokey’s Diner. Or its about 5 minutes away from Woodburn Road tram stop.

The other menu items look yummy too. As they haven’t got a website yet, I said I’d post their menu up in the meantime. They’ll be revamping it all with different challenges and more menu items.

Updated 19th September 2013 with updated menu. see round 2 of this challenge here
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  1. Reply Michael Mcardle Apr 26,2013 10:56 am

    Going tonight and can’t wait! MVF inspired!

  2. Reply Moonman Jan 3,2014 9:58 pm

    Love this place.

    Called just before Xmas. Absolutely superb food at honest fair prices. Loved it. Definitely going back !!!

  3. Reply R T Moon Jan 3,2014 10:01 pm

    Went back for more. Had a superb burger, Chef is THE Burger King !!

  4. Reply A A Apr 2,2015 9:43 pm

    Love this place. Food always cooked perfectly. Lovely service. Will definitely be back again.

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