Henry 8th Burger at Smokey’s Diner Round 2

The Henry the 8th burger is an 8 stack monster of a burger. I have actually eaten the burger before. You can read about round one here. Basically, its eight 6oz burgers.

The first time I did it, there was no time limit and it wasn’t officially a challenge. Well, now they have made it in to a challenge and invited me back to see if I could set the standard.


Last time it took me just under 40 minutes but that was with talking and pausing for taking pictures. 20 minutes was going to be tough. I managed the volume so it’d just be a case of getting my head down and eating as quick as I could.

The burger looked a lot bigger than last time but I was assured it was the same size.

2013-09-19 13.35.10 (Large)

2013-09-19 13.35.15 (Large)

The amount of chips wasn’t that bad so it looked doable. Just that 8 * 6oz is 48oz which is 3lbs of meat. All that in 20 minutes is a tough ask.

I started off pretty fast, eating each patty as if it was a slice of toast. I opted for just using my fingers as its more efficient than using a knife and fork. The burgers were still really hot so I opted to eat the chips while letting the patties cool down. After 15 minutes I had 2 patties and the bread left to eat. I just needed to eat another patty and then I’d only have a normal size burger to eat.

This proved a bridge too far though. The penultimate patty took me almost 4 minutes to eat so had about a minute to eat the last burger. No chance at all.

2013-09-19 13.59.12 (Large)

This is what I had left. I had the option of continuing past 20 minutes just to set a time. I declined though. No doubt I would have been able to finish it but I had to think of the rest of the day. No point in making myself ill, just to fail a challenge a bit less. I’ll let some other brave soul set the standard.

So now I am on the wall of shame. The first of many no doubt. 20 minutes is a bit too hard. I will be back one day. I didn’t do any training for this challenge so with a bit of training, I think I’ll be able to do it.

Here are the contact details if you want a go

Smokey’s Diner and Take Out.
539 Attercliffe Road
S9 3RP.
0114 2449836

Read about round one here.

They still haven’t got a website yet so I said, I’d upload the Smokey’s Menu for the time being.

IMG (Large)

IMG_0001 (Large)

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