Harley Burger Eating Contest Result 1

This is the follow up to this post. (Basically a contest to eat a spicy burger in the quickest time).

So I decided to move my heat to the Tuesday 6pm slot. I found it pretty hard to justify taking half a day off work to do a burger eating contest.

The contest hasn’t been as popular as in previous years. Usually its over subscribed but this time, there are few people in the heats. I was only up against 3 other people.

The contenders

As I said in my previous post,

My main concern is if some big rugby type player enters. The trouble with these contests is that success depends on who you are up against rather than anything you can control.

The fellow to my left, Chris King, looked a bit like Furious Pete. If anyone was going to trouble me, it’d be him. Also, if I got beat, I’d be able to sign up to another heat and get to the final anyway.

As this was a spicy challenge, I prepared by drinking a milkshake before and having a milkshake in my bag to drink after. I learned from the last spicy challenge that milk makes the pain better.

The burger

We Be Burnin’ – a burger featuring four beef patties, Harley Hot Hot Hot Sauce, ghost chilli spice, extra spicy beef chilli, wasabi paste, chipotle paste. Served with Hellfire fries.

A fair amount of volume but not too much – this is a challenge designed for speed and tolerance to spice. The 4 patty burger was a bit too much to fit in my mouth comfortably so I chose to eat 2 patties separately then eat the rest of the burger as a standard double burger. Its how I tackle big burgers.

Action Shot

It was hot and burnt the mouth a bit. There was a point where I started choking on the burger and had to spit some out. I think I had a mouth full of chilli or something. Chris (the person to my right) was just munching through it like a machine, no need for him to spit the burger in 2. He was half way through his chips by the time I got on to mine. I had no chance. He finished in 3 minutes 10 seconds. I didn’t get a time but it was between 5 and 6 minutes I guess. The other 2 finished way after that.

Chris King after. A big well done to Chris that set the standard.

You can see the pain in Chris’s face. I had tears in my eyes at that point too.

I could enter another heat and get to the final but there are two things stopping me.

  1. Chris won that heat buy such a margin, that I’d just get beat again in the final.
  2. The burger was horrible. I don’t get the logic at all. The Twisted Burger Company do nice burgers but then ruin them by putting all this hot stuff on them. If it was a normal burger I probably would enter as £4 is great value for a burger and it’d be a laugh having another go but no point in going through the pain just to get a cheaper burger. They should imitate the Red Dog Saloon Burger Challenge. That burger is really nice and you want to go back to eat it normally. With this really spicy one, you’d need to get paid to eat it.

There are still a few places left at the time of writing so get yourself down there if you fancy it. Be warned though, it’s really spicy and Chris King will beat you in the final unless you are some type of crocodile in disguise! The final is Saturday 11th May as 2.30pm.


Just checked on the facebook page and there are 2 other people that did the burger in 2.05. That’s insane!!!! So even if some how I would have got through my heat, I’d not bother turning up to the final to compete!

The Harley
334 Glossop Rd,
S10 2HW
Phone: 0114 275 2288

Credit to the Twisted Burger Facebook Page for all photos.

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  1. Reply Chris king May 13,2013 2:40 pm

    Yo man, love the article! I won haha!

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