Goldiehops & the 3 Grizzly Bears Burger Challenge

There’s a big challenge called Goldiehops & the 3 Grizzly Bears Challenge. A Grizzly Bear Burger is, 1 and a half pounds of prime sirloin and fillet with slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, mozzarella, mixed leaves, tomato and red onion in our bespoke bun with homemade hand cut rustic chips. The challenge is to eat 3 of those, plus double chips and 2 pints of IPA. Do it alone and get it free, else its £60.

I only went to the place to scope out the challenge rather than attempt it. For £60, they are going to make it really tough if not impossible.

IMG-20130317-WA0025 (Custom)
The challenge on the screen

I decided to just have 1 burger to see what it was like. At £20 its expensive and I was expecting something really hefty. I was not disappointed.

IMG-20130317-WA0026 (Custom)
1 Grizzly Burger

The burger was about size of my pint glass. I can’t really imagine eating 3 of those. 1 was enough for me. I asked the bar staff how many people have completed the challenge and they said, just the one person. That was Randy Santel, who is a professional competitive eater.

Randy Santel doing the challenge

The bar staff said the challenge has changed slightly now too. They’ll just give you one big burger rather than 3. I can imagine that’s going to make it hard because it’d be harder to know where to start.

Maybe one day I’ll try this challenge. I just don’t fancy throwing away £60 to make me feel ill at the moment. I’d rather pay £20, enjoy the burger and pub atmosphere. If you fancy it though, here are the details.

The Thirsty Bear, 62 Stamford Street, Blackfriars, London SE1 9LX. Nearest Tube, Waterloo or Blackfriars.

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