Food Mountain Challenge at Champs

A few months ago I did the champs chicken wing challenge.

I found a video of someone else doing it on youtube.

Its spicy but the 50% pass rate was too high. I have been informed that they have made it extra spicy now and the pass rate is now 10%. You also get a free drink now if you manage the kamikaze wings. At £4.95 its quite a bargain.

If you’ve done the old challenge, you may want to go back and try it again. I think eating the things would be easy, its just the aftermath which would be painful and for that reason, I’ll not be doing it again.

They also have another challenge which so far is undefeated. It’s called food mountain.


Could you eat 50 BBQ chicken wings, a bowl of potato wedges and six slices of Garlic bread in under 30 minutes?

Photo from Facebook

The food mountain doesn’t look too bad. It just depends on how many chips there are. No pricing information but as 48 chicken wings cost £19.95 you are looking at around £25 I think. There doesn’t appear to be a prize for winning either apart from immortality on their facebook page. Not sure whether its worth going through the hassle for that.

If you want to be the first to do the challenge though, get yourself down.

Champs Sports Bar.
255 Ecclesall Road,
S11 8NX

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