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I am in London for a couple couple of weeks for my brothers birthday. I thought while I was down there, I’d do a challenge or two. I’d have thought that there would be plenty of places down there that would do some type of eating challenge. Unfortunately not.

I found a list of UK eating challenges and whittled them down to 5 in central London. I’ll be catching the tube around and don’t want to be travelling too far out to tackle a challenge.

The obvious one is the devastator burger at the Red Dog Saloon. I’ve done that before though so not much point. I think if I went there again, I’d just take my time and enjoy the burger.

They do another challenge which is the spicy hot wings. It is apparently 1.3 million on the Scoville scale. Thats really hot. I am not that interested in spicy food challenges though. I’d rather enjoy my food.

Red Dog Saloon, 37 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NN. Nearest Tube is Old Street.

There is a 1kg steak challenge at Gillray’s Steakhouse. That’s about 35 ounces so not that big. Its £55 though so pretty steep and you don’t actually get anything apart from bragging rights if you do it. There’s a review of the place here.

Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar London Marriott Hotel, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London, Greater London SE1 7PB. Nearest Tube is Waterloo or Westminster.

The Pride of Paddington has a couple of challenges. They have the Terry Tucker Burger, £20, triple beef, triple bacon, triple chips and onion rings. Eat alone in 20 minutes and its free. Also, they do a 40oz Terry Tucker steak which is £40 but free if you can finish it in 40 minutes. They don’t actually sound that bad and there’s an extra incentive of getting the meal free if you finish it in the allotted time.

The Pride of Paddington, 1-3 Craven Rd, Paddington, London W2 3BP. Nearest Tube, Paddington.

There’s a big challenge called Goldiehops & the 3 Grizzly Bears Challenge. A Grizzly Bear Burger is, 1 and a half pounds of prime sirloin and fillet with slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, mozzarella, mixed leaves, tomato and red onion in our bespoke bun with homemade hand cut rustic chips. The challenge is to eat 3 of those. Do it alone and get it free, else its £60. Looks pretty much impossible to me but Randy Sentel managed it.

The Thirsty Bear, 62 Stamford Street, Blackfriars, London SE1 9LX. Nearest Tube, Waterloo or Blackfriars.

Finally, there is a chain called Tinseltown which has a couple of challenge burgers.

Challenge Burgers
Homemade NY style 5oz 100% beef char grilled and served in a toasted sesame bun with crispy lettuce, sliced tomato, chopped onion and Tinseltown sauce.
Served with 2 regular sides and a free dip.
The Empire State Challenge Burger
20oz (4xburgers) of homemade 100% beef stacked with 3 slices of Swiss Cheese, gherkins and Smokey BBQ Sauce. £12.99
The Towering Inferno Challenge Burger
20oz (4xburgers) of homemade 100% beef stacked with 2 slices of Swiss Cheese, double Jalapeno Peppers and Fiery Piri Piri Sauce. £12.99

They actually sound pretty straight forward. You don’t get anything if you complete the challenge burgers. The most central one is at Farringdon, I think.

Tinseltown Farringdon 44-46 St John St, London EC1M 4DF, nearest Tube Farringdon.

I am still undecided on which one(s) to do but I’ll be sure to do a write up when I do.

If you are in London and like Man vs Food, I found a cool site where you can meet up with other fans. Its called Table Crowd. At the moment, the challenges are limited but they are planning on expanding it.


7 thoughts on “Food Challenges in Central London

  1. Reply Dan Ives May 1,2013 12:33 pm

    Really would like to do that spicy chicken wing one…only issue for me is I like doing them when some form of prize or reward is on offer e.g. a picture on the wall of fame or a t-shirt to say you have done it. More of those and I’d be up there, trying my best not to fail, haha!

    • Reply Si Wan Sep 30,2013 3:49 pm

      I agree Dan Ives, there should be more of an incentive for people to do these challanges, especially the more difficult ones and for people who have to travel so far

  2. Reply Alexandra Abrahams May 14,2013 3:36 pm

    Dear all, Please do try out the Gillray’s 1 kg steak challenge and let us know what you think! It is a mighty hunk of steak but oh so delicious and fantastic views to die for. We also load you up with our classic ‘yorkies’ perfect for anyone with a large appetite!

    We will see you soon.

    Best wishes


  3. Reply dave May 29,2013 2:09 pm

    why would you get a 1kg steak for such a load of money if there’s nothing in return for finishing it??!?

    The whole point of these challenges is that you might get the meal free!!!

    check yourselves Gillrays…

  4. Reply Issac Jun 6,2013 8:01 am

    Hey, Pride of Paddington have updated their menu and now they don’t do the terry tucker steak.

    Instead they’re offering the triple burger, a shepherds pie or a lasagne challenge! Havnt seen pics yet.

  5. Reply pjhaahl Jul 12,2013 5:33 pm

    Another one you might like to try is Red Iron Burgers in Uxbridge.

    They have 3 challenges – a 32 ounce Burger, 40 Ounce Steak, and a 6 hot wings challenge.

    They advertise the hot wings challenge as 1 million on the Scoville scale and from first hand experience, it is that and more. You must sign a waiver, wear gloves, you have 5 mins to eat them, and you are not allowed to drink for 5 Mins afterwards.

    The reward for all three is a photo on their wall of fame, and a winners medal.

    you can check out the menu here

    The food is awesome in general, and that extends to the challenge dishes too.

    In case you were wondering – I have my winners medal for the Hot Wings Challenge, and I will be going back for the burger AND the steak too

  6. Reply Jon Jul 13,2013 8:02 am

    Hi, really loved your site and I’m now going to book the red dog devastator for my brother’s birthday next week. A while ago we did a curry called the Bollywood Burner at the cinnamon club which is near Westminster. It claims to be the world’s hottest curry but was actually really tasty. It did have some serious after burners though!! Anyway, thought you’d be interested . Jon

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