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Gibson’s bar in York has 2 food challenges. One is called no more Mr Spice Guy, which is 10 spicy chicken wings. They are so spicy apparently you need to sign a disclaimer and wear gloves. The challenge includes a glass of milk and if you finish it in 12 minutes you get it free. Spicy challenges aren’t really my thing though so I went for the other challenge.

The other challenge is called Fat Club. It consists of


  • 4 * 4oz flame grilled beef burgers
  • Bacon
  • Cheese
  • Onion Rings
  • 3 portions of skinny fries
  • Cheese and Chilli
  • Side salad

The challenge is to finish it in an hour but if you did it in 30 minutes you’d get in free.


I was pretty confident of doing this one. 1lb of burger isn’t that much and the sides didn’t look that daunting. For a start it was fries rather than chips. The density is not the same so its easier. Looking at the pictures on their Facebook page, it wasn’t going to trouble me but I did do a little bit of training for it.

2013-08-16 14.07.32 (Custom)

I powered through it pretty quick with just the salad to do after 20 minutes. The record to do this is 14 minutes. The man who did it, ate the burger in just 4 minutes. As there was no records to break and all I needed to do was under 30, I took my time and eventually finished in 25 minutes. It was nice getting back the £20 I paid for the meal. Not many places do challenges where you get your money back, well doable ones.

The place itself is just 5 minutes walk from York train station so accessible from many places in the UK. I didn’t see anywhere that said you could only do the challenge once so theoretically, you could just go in every day and get a free burger if you could manage it. I went in the next day and had a triple burger with chunky chips which were lovely.

Here are the details if you fancy trying it out.

129 Micklegate,
01904 624478

Website: https://www.facebook.com/GibsonsYork

3 thoughts on “Fat Club at Gibson’s Bar York

  1. Reply Thomas Hunter Oct 22,2013 4:48 pm

    You can only do the challenges once. I did both mr spiceguy and and fat club, i made a joke as how i was coming in ever day for my dinner, they said once only.

  2. Reply Dan Mar 1,2014 12:55 am

    hi again,
    you must be getting sick of me asking you so many stupid questions, but i was wondering how you felt after it, from the picture it doesn’t seem too bad, and i was planning on doing the challenge in the afternoon, then going out drinking after, it should;t make me lethargic after this challenge should it?
    cheers again,


  3. Reply Ben Mar 1,2014 11:55 am

    I felt really full and really didn’t feel like drinking after. You should ease it. Not sure about drinking though. Always feel bloated after a challenge myself. This is a better challenge in York, http://www.eatingchallenges.co.uk/beast-burger-at-the-bay-horse-in-york/

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