Dam House 24oz Burger Challenge Sheffield 1

This is a challenge I stumbled upon by chance. Its not very well advertised. I saw it on their website,

Dam House Burger Challenge // £15.95
24oz Burger with a Melted Cheese, Crispy Bacon, Mushroom, Onion Rings and a Basket of Chips (A Certificate and a 25% discount will be awarded to anyone who can finish the entire dish on their own within 30 minutes).

I figured that 24oz is 1.5lbs which is less than a kilo so it shouldn’t be any bigger than the flaming grill challenge burger which is quite easy for a challenge. The only challenging bit would be the ‘basket of chips’. The sky’s the limit when you say, ‘a basket’ of chips rather than a weight amount. I decided to just scope out the place. I skipped lunch and went after work – so no training for this challenge. If I failed it narrowly, I could go do some preparation and come back another day.

I asked the barman, how many people have completed the challenge. Only 2 out of about 25 people that have tried have done it and they were big rugby players. So only the top 8%. I quite like that though as it means its possible. I see some challenges which I think are impossible and there’s no point in attempting them. You may as well just punch yourself in the stomach a few times and save the money.


The burger was bigger than I thought. They didn’t skimp on the bacon. The chips were in a big bowl but looked manageable compared to the plate I had to do at the Paddington Steak Challenge. The other thing which could cause problems was the side salad. It’d compress down well but there was a lot of volume there.

I started off with the burger. That took about 10 minutes. I was feeling full after that but I was making good time. At about 20 minutes in, I’d hit the wall. I’d got about a quarter of the chips left and half the salad. The salad was a problem. I should have really ate some of that with the burger earlier on. The last 10 minutes were quite painful but I had to keep telling myself that I couldn’t fail so far in. I managed to finish it all in 29 minutes, just a minute to spare.


I am not looking the best and no chance of eating anything else after that monster burger. I just wanted to lie down somewhere to rest. That’s the hardest burger challenge I’ve done and probably harder than the Street Food Chef burrito.

If you are in Sheffield City centre and fancy a burger eating challenge, its well worth walking the 10 minutes out of the centre to pay the Dam House a visit. Its much harder than the Varsity non-challenge.

I must say as well, its just a nice pub to go to. I’ve been there for a function before and its nice, especially in the summer by the lake. The bar staff are friendly, drinks reasonably priced and they have Sky. They give 20% off food for students and members of the armed forces too. What more can you want from a pub?

the damhouse
Mushroom Lane,
South Yorkshire
S3 7NZ

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  1. Reply Dave Apr 18,2013 11:24 pm

    My favourite so far. Top 8% with a minute to go… pretty good!

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