Champs Kamikaze Chicken Wing Challenge

Kamikaze Chicken Wing Challenge is to eat 6 chicken wings in 6 minutes. This is the first spicy challenge I have done for an eating challenge. I like spicy food but not too spicy. There comes a point where its just all pain and no pleasure. As 6 wings in 6 minutes is trivial, its got to be the hotness of the sauce that’s slowing challengers down.


The wings don’t look as appetising as the other food challenges I’ve tried. The sauce, even though hot, wasn’t actually that hot. It burned a bit and wasn’t that nice but bearable. I managed to get the wings down in a couple of minutes. Its only 6 chicken wings.

The thing is, the challenge requires you to eat all the sauce too. For this, I just got a spoon, drank from the bowl and used the spoon to push the sauce down. That was a lot easier than the chicken wings because its just goes down the throat not really touching the taste buds.

Overall, it took me about 4 minutes but some of that time was looking for a spoon. If you are going to attempt this, ask for a spoon in advance. If you were looking at this cynically, you could say its just seeing whether you can stomach a small bottle of very hot chili sauce.


All you get for this is a certificate and a picture on their facebook page. I suppose for £6 you are not going to get anything else. My friend Gav that came didn’t manage it though. Just too spicy for him.

I asked the barman the competition percentages and its around 50%. As the types of people that take on the challenge must think they can take on spicy food so I suppose 50% failure rate is high. Its not as easy as the 50% pass rate suggests.

If you think you have what it takes head down to Champs at the bottom of Eccleshall Road.

Champs Sports Bar & Grill,
255 Ecclesall Road,
S11 8NX
0114 2666333

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