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CityChallengeVenueMore infoExternal linksNotes
VariousAkbar’s Chef’s ChallengeAkbar’s Curry HouseLarge Curry meal more infoWebsiteI completed this one.
Various1kg BurgerFlaming Grill Pubs1kg Burger more infoWebsiteI completed this one.
Various32oz SteakFlaming Grill Pubs24 oz steak more info 32oz steak more infoWebsiteI completed the old 24oz challenge.
VariousTrash Can ChallengeFlaming Grill PubsBurger, Ribs, Chicken challenge. more infoWebsiteI completed this one.
VariousMan vs Food ChallengeWalkaboutBig burger more info
BallindallochThe Richmond Triple BurgerThe Richmond Arms HotelBig burger more info Websiteuser submitted
BlackpoolBlazing Buffalo Wings & The Tower Burger ChallengeGenting CasinoSpicy Wings and Burger more infoWebsiteuser submitted
BriggHaymaker Steak 78oz Steak ChallengeHaymaker Steak HouseSteak challenge, more infoWebsite facebookuser submitted
BristolMonster Mega BreakfastThe Corner CafeLarge Breakfast more infoFacebook pageuser submitted
BristolThe Beast BurgerWarrens Burger Company4.5lb burger more infoWebsiteuser submitted
BristolThe Kraken BurgerThe HobgoblinBig burger more infoFacebookuser submitted
CambridgeRockers Ultimate ChallengeRockers Steak HouseBig Burger and Chilli more infofacebook Websiteuser submitted
CardiffMega Deck ChallengeThe Deck Coffee House and CakeryMega breakfast and meat more infofacebook user submitted
Edinburgh Meatfest ChallengeReekie’S SmokehouseVarious things more infofacebook Websiteuser submitted
Gloucester The Big Ugly BurgerThe Farmers Boy InnBig Burgermore infofacebook Websiteuser submitted
Gloucester The Big Ugly BurgerThe Farmers Boy InnBig Burgermore infofacebook Websiteuser submitted
Gloucester The Big Ugly SteakThe Farmers Boy Inn48oz Steak more infofacebook Websiteuser submitted
GranthamLk’s Atomic KickAss ChallengeBindi ResturantSpicy Drum Sticks more infoWebsiteuser submitted
GuildfordThe Mega Breakfast Challenge Woodbridge CafeBig Breakfast more infofacebook Websiteuser submitted
Harrogate Cattlemens Steak ChallengeThe Cattlemens Association72oz Steak more infoWebsiteuser submitted
Harrogate Salsa Posada BurritoSalsa PosadaBig Burito more infoWebsiteuser submitted
Harrogate Damn Yankee’s Big Smokey Giant The Damn Yankee5lb burger more infoWebsiteuser submitted
Hemel HempsteadXXX HOT WINGSOlly’s BarSpicy Wings more infoWebsiteuser submitted
Hemel HempsteadThe whole hogOlly’s BarA selection of Pork more infoWebsiteuser submitted
Hemel HempsteadMega Burger Meal Olly’s BarBig Burger more infoWebsiteuser submitted
IlkleyThe Yard Ultimate BurgerThe YardBig burger more infoWebsite
Isle of Wight Bradley's Grill ChallengeBradley's Grill Ribs and Wings Challenge more infofacebookuser submitted
LlanddulasOinkys Afterburner burger challengeOinkys diner Hot burger more infofacebookuser submitted
LondonFrankie's ChallengeFrankie’s Sport Bar & Diner,Various dishes smore infoWebsiteuser submitted
LondonBeast Burger ChallengeClapham NorthBig burger in 12 minutesmore infoWebsiteuser submitted
LondonDouble Pork Knuckle ChallengeOctoberfestpub London2 pork knuckles more info and my effortWebsiteI failed this one.
LondonWonder Cafe Challenge The Wonder Cafe,Big breakfast challenge more infofacebook WebsiteAlso do a 30oz burger challenge
LondonGoldiehops & the 3 Grizzly Bears Burger ChallengeThe Thirsty Bear3 massive burgers, fries and 2 pints of beer more infoWebsiteNot attempted. Looks impossible.
London20oz BurgerTinseltown20oz burger more infoWebsiteI beat this one.
LondonBeat the beast Blacks Burgers7lb Burger more infoWebsiteuser submitted
LondonThe Bull’s headGillray’s Steak House and Bar1kg Steak more infoWebsiteNot really a challenge but managed to eat it no problem
LondonTerry Tucker Steak ChallengePride of Paddington40oz steak in 20 minutes 40oz Steak more infoWebsiteI failed and this challenge has been replaced by some other ones.
LondonDevastator Burger Red Dog SaloonBig burger challenge, need to finish in 10 minutes. more infoWebsiteI beat this one.
LondonBeat the Meat ChallengeThe Slug at FulhamBig and spicy burger more info WebsiteThis one beat me
LondonWTF Challenge Sydney’s Bar & Grill Big Burger more info twitter
This one beat me
Newcastle Spicy Chicken Wing ChallengeNancys BordelloSpicy Chicken Wings more info
WebsiteUser submitted
NewquayCaptain's ChallengeCaptain Jacks Big meal more info
Facebook & WebsiteUser submitted
Portsmouth Wicked Waffle challengeWicked WaffleBig dessert more info
FacebookUser submitted
Rotherham72oz Steak Challenge,
44oz Burger Challenge
999 Breakfast Challenge
2 Chicken Challenge
Full Cake Challenge
Double Barrel Steak HouseVarious Challenges find out moreWebsiteUser submitted
SheffieldMan vs Food Burger ChallengeCavendish SheffieldBig Burger * 2 more info
Website, twitter and facebook. failed
SheffieldSloppy Jo Burger ChallengeSmokin Jo's DinerImpossibly Big Burger more info
Facebook pageUser submitted. Impossible if you ask me.
Sheffield[Wo]man vs Burger ChallengeWhite Rose14oz Burger more info
Website Facebook pageI failed this one.
SheffieldStreet Food Chef Burrito ChallengeStreet Food Chef3.5lb Burrito more info
WebsiteI beat this one.
SheffieldMan vs Food Smoke BBQLarge Burger more info

my attempt
WebsiteI failed this one.
SheffieldFood Mountain ChallengeChamps50 chicken wings more info
facebook WebsiteUser submitted
SheffieldChamps Kamikaze Chicken ChampsSpicy chicken wings more info
facebook WebsiteNow even spicier
SheffieldDam House Burger ChallengeDam HouseBig Burger more info round 2WebsiteCompleted once, failed once.
SheffieldThe Hub Cap Burger ChallengeFairway InnBig Burger more infoCompleted this one.
SheffieldHenry 8th Burger ChallengeSmokey's Diner48oz burger more info updatedCompleted once, failed once.
SheffieldUltimate Burger ChallengeRelishBig Burger WebsiteWebsiteFailed
SheffieldMan Vs Food Challenge BurgerNew Inn Sheffield3.5lb Burger more infofacebook WebsiteFailed miserably.
SheffieldBeef Ribs ChallengeThe Common RoomRack of Ribs more infoWebsiteUser submitted
SkegnessWindys mega breakfast challengeWindys CafeBig Breakfast more infoFacebookUser submitted
Sleaford,Worlds hottest pizzaLittle Italy PizzaHot Pizza more infoWebsite facebookUser submitted
Tadcaster - Ryther VillageRythre monster steakRythre Arms78oz Steak more infoWebsiteUser submitted
Worcester King of hot dogsSampsons’s snack van 3.5lb Burger more infoFacebookUser submitted
YorkBeast BurgerBay Horse Pub Big Burger more infofacebook Website

Not attempted
YorkFat ClubGibson’s bar Big Burger more infofacebook Completed this one.
YorkSpice ClubGibson’s bar Spicy Wings more infofacebook Not tried this one.

A more comprehensive list of UK challenges is available on the Eatfeats site.

If you know of a challenge not mentioned, please submit your own.

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  1. Reply BeardMeatsFood Apr 1,2015 2:26 pm

    Check out my Youtube channel

    Got a bunch of UK eating challenges I’ve done, including Omar’s Giant Naan Challenge which was undefeated for 10 years. Plenty of videos featuring challenges that aren’t on your website.

    Gonna take a bash at the Truck Stop Challenge next I reckon. Trying to popularise competitive eating in the UK as best I can, while providing a bit of light…or should I say heavy…entertainment along the way.

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