Challenges at Sampson’s Snack Van

This is a user submitted challenge from Carl.

King of hot dogs

The king of hots dogs challenge is put bluntly a 2ft hotdog. The challenge is against the clock. Owner of Sampson’s snack van, Carl Sampson initially took down the monster hot dog in a bench mark time of 15 minutes 34 seconds, the time stood for 4 months and survived many attempts.

The current time to beat stands at 11 minutes 53 seconds. So can you dethrone the king of hot dogs? The challenge rules are simple.

1. Eat the entire hotdog in a time quicker that the current time to beat.

2. Sauce and onions are optional.

If you finish the hotdog and beat the time its free and we donate £5 to acorns charity. If you fail you must pay £5 for the hotdog and you give us a further £5 for the charity.


Sampsons’s snack van is located between the Swan and Copcut Elm pubs on the road that links Worcester and Droitwich.

See their facebook page for more details.

There is also a burger challenge where you have to eat a quad burger in less than 5 minutes.

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