Challenge Burger and Big Dawg

This is a user submitted challenge, thanks, Alec.

We double stack two 6oz Moo Moo beef patties on top of each other (that’s a helluva lotta beef!), then we add Nacho Chicken Strippers, melted mozzarella cheese, homemade chilli, rashers of crispy bacon, nacho chips & crispy onion rings. Oh, & don’t forget your double helping of sweet potato & French fries on the side! Eat this beast all by yourself (& in one sitting) for an entry into our hallowed hall of Challenge Burger fame, the respect of every red-blooded carnivorous male you meet, & the coveted “I BEAT THE MEAT” tee shirt!

A two-tier hot dog piled high with BBQ pulled pork & Applewood smoked cheddar, head-to-head with a double-stacked Chilli Dog, smothered in beef chilli & Mexicana cheese, all fighting for room in a foot long baguette. That’s 32” of prime British sausage in one almighty dog! Served atop a dog basket (no, really!) filled with double portions of regular & sweet potato fries. Finish this bad boy all to yourself & you get to walk away with a limited edition “I SURVIVED THE SAUSAGEFEST” tee shirt!


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Orange Rooms
1-2 Vernon Walk
SO15 2EJ

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