Cattlemens Steak Challenge Harrogate 1

This is the 3rd user submitted challenge in Harrogate. Its from an independent chain of restaurants. The other challenges consist of a burger one and a burrito one.

Cattlemens Steak Challenge

A 72oz steak, piled high with chips and onion rings and a touch of salad!…..That’s 96oz in total!

Eat it all in under an hour and get it free, a limited edition baseball cap, certificate and a picture in our Wall of Fame!

Fail, and it’s going to cost you 40 quid and entry onto our Wall of Shame!


The Cattlemens Association
17 Cheltenham Crescent
North Yorkshire

In the last 6 months 103 people attempted the 96oz steak challenge and 9 have succeeded..the fastest time being 37 mins!

3 steak challenge SML

Cattlemens Challenge


The sides don’t look too ridiculous so maybe I would have a chance at this one. Harrogate isn’t too far from Leeds so maybe one day I’ll nip up there and try one of these.

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  1. Reply Ian Hopley Mar 8,2018 8:50 pm

    While on a company exhibition in Harrogate in 1987 we goaded a colleague that he could not do the challenge (64oz in those days), of course he laughed at our naive opinions. Now this fellow was a rugby flanker with a prodigious appetite but as the week progressed he was talking down his abilities feigning loss of appetite due to overwork and late nights; we told him we had booked it. All credit to him, he turned up and was relieved when he found us cracking up. He did go on to eat a 20oz T-bone, finishing before us mortals and our nancy 10ozer’s. Glad you are still going strong, when I next visit N.Yorks., will visit you.

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