Tips and Tricks 1

Hope the New Year is treating everyone well.   I thought I would start it off with a Tips and Tricks summary post that should come in handy. It should be a good page to refer to, and also help me throw off some rust as I plan ahead what challenges to tackle.   First ...

FAQ and Posting Update

Hi Everyone,   Thought I would write up a short post addressing some FAQs and comments I have seen around food challenges in general. A chance for you to get to know me a bit better and see a reason behind my madness :). So, let’s begin.   How do you not gain weight or ...

Challenge Me- ITV- Casting Call

Challenge Me- ITV- Casting Call
Hey everyone, I was recently contacted about a casting call for a new show. If you are interested, check out the details below:

Be on the TV

Be on the TV
I got this from a TV company. We are really keen to find the UK’s biggest eaters, but also people who just really appreciate all you can eat venues. The aim is to create a light hearted documentary that shows why people love to eat and also the hard work behind the scenes that goes ...

Mention in the top food blogs to follow 1

Mention in the top food blogs to follow
I made it on the top 50 UK food blogs to follow Sr No. Website/Blog Facebook Twitter 1 445 878 2 565,429 11,374 3 9,294 47,718 4 4,863 6,656 5 71,781 31,407 6 5,746 10,794 7 6,755 4,402 8 2,006 17,616 9 1,600 9,408 10 ...