Burrito the Size of your Head

A user submitted challenge. Thanks to Robbie for this. Unfortunately no pictures but it does sound mega.

Beach Taco on North Road Durham is a quiet little Mexican restaurant run by a man with a great sense of challenge.

Originally created to meet the desires of hungry locals the burrito the size of your head is two overlapping tortillas loaded with spicy beef, rice, beans, salsa, lettuce and cheese (sour cream optional). And while some describe it as “the size of your head” when I first saw it I described it as “more like a large dachshund”

I arrived at Beach Taco quietly confident, 8:08 the time to beat. I reckoned I could take on any burrito in under 5 minutes. But when the two tortillas were laid out stretching over 20 inches and the the seventh spoon of rice was added I started to doubt my stomach. As much chilli con carne was laid atop that and then a wholesome helping of pinto beans. My lips were chapped so I wussed down to the mildest salsa on offer and it was packed with lettuce and cheese. The first problem came with trying to lift and bite this monstrosity.

The challenge is a speed challenge with 10 minutes netting you a 50% discount on the beast and it’s free if you set a new record. The current record is 6:26 set by me on 10th June 2013

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