Burger Bear’s Picnic

I wanted my first burger challenge to be just that, a burger challenge. No extra sides, no milkshakes, and especially, no heaping piles of chips to get through. Just me versus the burger. So, I was delighted to come across this culinary beauty, the Burger Bear’s Picnic:


A multi-patty tower of awesome. Five layers of grass fed burger patties, cheese, and oak smoked bacon; contained between two buns. For an extra kick one of the patties was covered with the Rib Man’s infamous Holy F@ck sauce.


Now, the rules for this challenge were not 100% clear to me, but going in I thought it was free if beaten under 20 minutes, since that is what I found online. At the end, apparently, the time limit to beat is 5 minutes or less, so if you are considering giving it a go, double check what the actual terms are. I expect they may change time to time.


To tackle this burger, I had to disassemble it and go one patty at a time. As much as I would love to have tried to eat it as one, it just was not possible, unless you are going to eat it like corn on the cob, since three skewers held it together initially. The one difficulty of going fast on this one was the bacon. It was cooked quite crispy, so made taking bites fast a bit more of a fight. Going down the stack was easy going, especially since it tasted so good. Eventually though, I got to the patty covered in the Holy F@ck sauce. Now, I am not the greatest lover of spicy food, so it caught me a little off guard, resulting in some hiccups. It’s not over the top spicy, I just wasn’t expecting it. I set that patty aside on to the top bun, saving it for later. I noticed going down the patties were warmer towards the bottom, so the last patty was still hot and juicy. Best one of the lot. When a challenge gets better the more you get into it, you know the food is great. Now, with the normal patties down, it was time to get back to the spicy patty. I combined it with the buns and ate it like a regular burger, the buns helped dampen some of the kick.


Succulent, quality, burger patties; cheese; smoked, slightly sweet bacon; some spice and an insane amount of food…what’s not to love about this challenge. It was good fun.


Now, the time limit issue I mentioned at the start. I managed it in 4.57 thinking it was a 20-minute time limit, but even with the shorter 5-minute limit, I still made it, just. So, as a lesson, always double-check the rules of the challenges you are taking on so that there are no misunderstandings at the end.


Special thanks to the guys at Burger Bear for letting me take the challenge and to Hungry Ronin for coming down to take on the challenge as well.


If you want to try it, or just want some good burgers, head on down to:

Middle of Old Street Roundabout,





Had any particularly good burgers lately or taken down any as a challenge, let me know in the comments below.



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