Buck’s Bar – Bird Box Challenge – Glasgow!

My first challenge in Glasgow! Technically my first challenge outside of England too, but not quite out the UK yet. Maybe one day. And…who would have guessed, it is wings. Some things never change.


Anyhoo, here is a little back story to how this ended up happening. I was shipped up to Glasgow for work, and decided to make the most of sightseeing, by checking out the local challenges. I originally wanted to do another one, to get some variety for all of you (and myself), but was unfortunately told they could no longer do it. Sad times. Luckily, a quick search brought up this challenge! (The power of social media.) So, what is it you ask? The Bird Box challenge is quietening down at the time of writing (January), but Buck’s decided to add their own little twist on it, creating the Buck’s Bird Box Challenge!

The challenge consists of:

  • Box of 12 wings, including 6 ‘Nashville Hot XXX’
  • Side of fries
  • Glass of milk (optional)

The challenge costs £15, but if you complete it under 20 minutes, you get 10% off. (£13.50 total cost) and an… interesting, bottle of Buck’s Famous Hot Cock Sauce. On top of that, you are blindfolded whilst you do it.

Note: The Challenge is not free if beaten under 20 minutes!

No special approach here. You’re blindfolded. It’s wings. Unless you have some supernatural abilities, you just have to really give it your best and rely on your sense of touch.

Overall the wings were nice. Don’t be scared off by the “XXX Hot” sauce. It wasn’t overly spicy by any means, so unless you are extremely spice averse, this factor isn’t a barrier, and even if you are, there is always that pint of milk to cool the heat. My favourite flavour though was some sweet sauce they had. Not sure what it was, but it was a nice mix up when that flavour would come through between the classic flavour notes. The wings themselves were your standard whole wings. The side of fries was a merciful portion too for a challenge. Overall, this challenge could be summed up as the size of a big lunch meal, so I would imagine most would have the capacity to give it a go. Especially if you skip breakfast.


Now, whilst this isn’t much of a challenge, I do imagine it could be a fun one to do with a group of friends. The absurdity of eating wings, blindfolded, with some spicy nuggets hidden amongst them has potential for me.


You can find Buck’s at:

111 W Regent St,


G2 2RU



Another one to the hot sauce collection:

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