Big Chill Challenge 4

Ok, so here is a challenge well within anyone’s reach.


Available every Wednesday from the Big Chill House, the challenge consists of:

  • A double angus beef patty burger – loaded with cheese, streaky bacon, chorizo & bacon jam, caramelised onion and house mayo
  • Side of skin on fries

(Image courtesy of Big Chill… as if my photo skills could ever get that good. My contribution, the burger does actually look that good.)

Beat this in 2 minutes, and your meal is free. Fail, and pay the full menu price of £12.50.

Anyone is capable of finishing a two patty burger and a side of fries. Don’t pretend that you can’t. The challenge here was to beat it under the 2 minute time limit. This is an interesting switch up from most capacity challenges around. Think of it as a sprint versus a marathon.


For my attempt, I stuck to the classic approach of divide and conquer. I tackled the patties separately, followed by the bacon, buns, mandatory pickle, and finally fries. Basic, yet effective for larger challenges. Having done it now, I think that my approach may have been overkill and slowed me down. I was being cautious with my approach, but I think doing one patty, then bacon, then eating the rest as a complete burger could be faster. This is not a big challenge, so going at it as a whole may prove more efficient. I may or may not test this theory in the future, for the name of science of course and not just to get another go at this delicious burger. I still managed to beat the time with my original method though.


Now, on to the food itself. What could I say other than: “That is a tasty burger”? After doing my fair share of the now classic patty + bacon + cheese combo, it’s always great to come across a burger that is memorable. The patties themselves were juicy and just melt away when you take bite after bite. The bacon adds a nice bit of saltiness to it. This is UK style bacon, so it shouldn’t catch you off guard as I had been in prior challenges with US style crispy bacon. The cheese adds a nice touch. There is no overpowering flavour to it, so it just fuses the whole experience. However, the stars of the show were the chorizo & bacon jam (think of this more as a condiment than a sweet jam), and caramelised onion combination. They elevated it to a new level by adding that twist that helped set this burger apart. The onions added a touch of sweetness to break through the salty flavours of the jam and bacon. Overall, I feel bad for going at this burger so fast since I feel this is one you can take your time on and savour.


The fries were… well, fries. Luckily not a huge portion since I am not a fan of fries usually. My advice here is, since it is a small amount, pour out the serving into your hand and just go at it from there. For my go I poured them onto the table and then spent time trying to pick up small mouthfuls, but that just cost me time as they fell about over the place.


Again, plenty of water used to help get the food down faster, but as I mentioned, the burger is so juicy (in the best of ways) that you don’t really need that much until you get to the starches.


All in all, a fun challenge, and it seems a lot of the people at Big Chill want to give it a go. So, if you fancy having a go at this challenge, or challenging your friends and/or co-workers, head on down to:


Big Chill House,

257-259 Pentonville Rd,

Kings Cross,

London N1 9NL

4 thoughts on “Big Chill Challenge

  1. Reply Ben Jul 4,2017 8:35 am

    So what time you get?

  2. Reply Andrey Jul 5,2017 9:15 am

    1.56, few seconds to spare.

    But that really isn’t blazing time for this challenge. I’m sure that time can be beat quite easily, especially with some of the tips mentioned from my go.

  3. Reply Ben Jul 7,2017 3:09 pm

    I’ll believe it when I see it. 4 seconds to spare is nothing. Can’t see anyone beating that.

  4. Reply Mihaly Sep 13,2017 10:31 pm

    From today there is 2 names on the board. Little bit tricky, but can be done. 1:37.

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