Behemouth Burger at Amigos Burgers and Shakes 1

This is a user submitted challenge, thanks to Mejid.

54oz burger plus a tray of chips. Must be finished in 30min. Otherwise you pay. The price to pay is 30 pounds (i think). As far as I know I’m the first and only one to finish the challenge in their shepherds bush branch. I uploaded a picture. Judging by the pictures that they have been uploading the burger seem to have gotten smaller since I done it.


from the site

Do you dare?

An actual tower of meat. Made from meat, and then some more meat. The BEHEMOUTH BURGER is absolutely massive. If you haven’t eaten for days, or you’re just plain crazy, we dare you to have a go.

If you can demolish this 54oz burger with fries in 30 minutes, then we’ll put you on the Wall of Fame AND it’ll be on us.

Got what it takes? Doubt it.



Looks like a tough one. With 54oz is almost 3 and a half pounds. With the chips, it would finish me off. I think Andre would tackle this easily though.

Shepherd’s Bush
W12 8AA

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  1. Reply Andrey Sep 11,2016 9:53 pm

    Nice, one for the post-diet list to tackle.

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